Tuscan Lighting

Brighten up your rustic motif with the warm, charming style of Tuscan lighting.

Tuscan style lighting continues to grow in popularity - and rightfully so. It is the distinctive fusion of Old World enchantment and modern sophistication. Characterized by a rich, earthy palette of bronze, copper and nutmeg finishes, Tuscan lighting features bold, wrought-iron casements and dusted amber and marble glass shades. Tuscan lighting is not only the ideal complement to Southern European architecture, Tuscan lighting fixtures are perfectly suited to the stucco and terra cotta structures of America’s West.

From Texas to California, the Tuscan motif has become more than a trend; it has become the style most suited to blend with the warm golds, sage greens and rusty reds of the dry, desert environment.

Not only is Tuscan lighting and design in harmony with Mother Nature, it provides the ideal aesthetic for cool, relaxing interior spaces.

Just as the Italians fashioned their homes as pleasant refuges from the summer heat, today’s designers create interiors of burgundy, olive green, warm brown and dusty gold that provide a soothing retreat in hot climates. Tuscan lighting is the perfect addition to the Southwest style.

Tuscan style lighting will enhance the beauty of your home or office day and night.

Lighting influences our moods, how we perform our tasks, and whether our environment feels warm and cozy or austere and harsh. Tuscan style lighting has become well liked because it warms a room with its soft illumination. It’s a perfect complement to muted earth tones, and comes in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles.

From bronze to iron to crystal, Tuscan lighting design continues to evolve.

Although Tuscan lighting’s traditional characteristics are rustic, relaxed and charming, today’s aesthetic includes ornate fixtures that add drama to sophisticated, contemporary rooms.

Deeply rooted in the Venetian glass tradition, the designers at Emme Pi have taken traditional Tuscan elements and transformed them into contemporary chandeliers of crystal and blown glass with the delicate details typically found in high-end, modern lighting.

While the central theme of Tuscan lighting design remains true to its origins, the style continues to change with the times, inspiring contemporary designers who have once again fallen in love with Italy.

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