Modern Lighting

What exactly is Modern Lighting?

The term “Modern Lighting” refers to a popular, design aesthetic, most often characterized by minimalistic designs with clean, geometric lines and mechanical sophistication. Stainless steel and brushed glass are the most commonly used materials for modern lighting fixtures, which give them an urban, industrial feel. Louis Poulsen designs epitomize this refined elegance.

Influenced by 20th century master architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, modern lighting designers typically approach their work with a “form follows function” philosophy – creating practical, state-of-the-art lighting that attractively compliments a wide variety of motifs.

If you’re looking to enhance the clean, contemporary aesthetic of your newly designed office space, storefront, apartment or home with modern lighting fixtures, carries the best in designer lighting.

Modern Lighting design is also trendsetting and avant-garde.

In addition to the streamlined elegance of modern lighting’s restrained aesthetic, this popular style can also be fun, trendy, chic and surprising. You will find that innovative materials, creative shapes and the experimental use of colored glass have become increasingly fashionable.

Catellani & Smith designs exemplify the fusion of modern simplification with original flare; while Foscarini provides fine examples of modern table lamps designed with inventive twists that make them refreshing and bold.

In minimalistic, posh contemporary spaces where “less is more”, a bright, eye-catching fixture is often the final element that completes a chic design. Axo, an Italian lighting line, offers ideal choices in modern table lamps that are more than mere sources of illumination; they are also artistic, decorative and fashionable.

Which environments are Modern Lighting fixtures best suited for?

With both sophisticated, stainless steel designs and bold, artistic designs to choose from, you will find ideal fixtures for all of your interior spaces. This versatility will allow you to create a comprehensive, balanced lighting scheme. Each grouping of indoor, modern lighting fixtures can be unique, yet perfectly in-sync with one another.

From outstanding task lighting by Flos to gorgeous, modern pendant lighting by Rotaliana and effective wall sconces by Foscarini, you will find a huge variety of modern lighting fixtures to brighten up your life. carries modern table lamps, modern pendant lights, modern floor lamps, modern wall sconces, modern track lighting, recessed lighting and energy-efficient lighting from the industry’s leading international, modern lighting designers. (View our modern table lamps!)

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