Karolina’s favorite lights

I chose Manamana as my favourite lighting brand. If you wonder why, the answer is really simple- Manamana is just amazing. It is trivial to say that light is important in people's life. We need it to work, to relax, to live. Artificial light is a great gift allowing people to do amazing things at any time they want, but thanks to brands such as Manamana, lightning can be something more than just a necessity- it can be also an art.
What I like most about Manamana is that it moves with the times. Te world is changing and so does the fashion. We have modern houses, furniture and decorations and I expect lighting to be modern as well. Manamana's designs are very unique, creative and brave, sometimes even controversial. One could never say it is old-fashionable or boring and that is an invaluable quality. I like when every-day objects surprise me. We see thousands of regular lamps everywhere, in the street, in shops, in our offices, but we rarely bump into something that draws our attention. That is why Manamana impressed me that much. The lamps are very memorable. Once I saw them, I thought I would love to have one of them for my own house. Isn't such a feeling the best review for an object?
It is worth mentioning, that the modernity and 'moving with the times' is not overwhelming. When being original becomes the only aim of designers, usually their objects are not functional any more. This is not the case with Manamana. Despite being the only one of its kind, the lamps are still very useful. Actually, I find it extremely difficult and admirable at the same time to join originality and usefulness. Manamana is the brand that definitely succeeded in it.
Furthermore, an important feature of Manamana's products is that everyone can find something for themselves. No matter whether you like white or colorful lamps, big or small object, strong or subtle light, you will be able to pick something that suits you because of the variety offered by Manamana.
It is absolutely unbelievable how some objects do not look like lamps at all. I would easily think that some of them are tables or a hassock. And I was surprised again.
Moreover, Manamana's lamps create a great climate, especially the outdoor lights. They are designed to mingle with the surroundings and build romantic atmosphere. I believe I would feel very relaxed and peaceful in such a garden, surrounded by delicate light and tasteful lamps.
One more thing I need to highlight are Manamana Pendants Lights. They draw my attention because they are really interesting and diverse. Some of them are big and visible, the other ones are much smaller and delicate. I can see both regularly shaped designs and absolutely unusual.
My favourite lamp was found, however, among ceiling lamps and it is called Entourage Ceiling Lamp. My first thought was that it was really stylish. It is slightly different from the other lams, standing out and characteristic. That is a lamp I would like to have. It makes your room look way different than before. Its size ensure me that it will give a lot of light and make even the darkest room bright and outstanding.
To conclude, I believe Manamana is a great brand having lost of interesting ideas, fantastic designs and readiness to meet consumers' needs.