Jamika ’s favorite lights

After observing Lighting55's website, I found some very interesting and unique lighting brands and designs. There were a lot of brands that were very expensive and also very nice, but it was one that stood out to me the most of course. Right off the back I decided to check out the FontanaArte brand because I currently live in the Inland Empire and Fontana is the city right next to me so I ironically decided to look at what that brand had to offer and check that brand out. Although I did look at other brands I eventually ended right back on the FontanaArte brand, and this is the brand I liked most. In the description section of the brand I felt like they described their brand and designs with pride and a uniqueness that was appealing to me. Also, the lighting designs themselves are very modern to me but at the same time simple with a taste of elegance. I am pretty simple myself, especially when it comes to something like my lights, so I thought it was cool how they kept it simple but still unique. When it comes to this brand they fit under the quote "sometimes less is more", because although it's not a lot or very fancy as of some of those other brand designs I saw, it's still enough to catch your eye and make you want to buy their lights. The overall designs of the lights don’t make me feel like, “what is that”, or “this is too much”, it make me say, “wow, this is cool”, or “I could definitely see this in my current home.” I also like that most of them have the black and white color scheme to it. I did see a chandelier with some red in it, and even that was fairly simple and modern, but also cute and unique to their design and style. Another think I like is the different type of lighting styles they had from the chandeliers, to regular ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, even outdoor lamps, and more. I think offering so many options compared to some of the other brands only specializing in lighting like chandeliers and other, makes their product work looking at and buying from. At the end of their description it stated that, "… produce proposals and solutions capable to excite, and create the right balance between the human need of light and darkness.” I thought that was so intriguing, and personal to a potential buyer. Overall the FontanaArte is my favorite because I see myself with their product, and I love their designs. I feel like you can put their designs in one of the most elegant rooms and although so simple it will still fit in at the same time standing out enough to catch a person's eye in a positive "light" with a compliment. I honestly didn’t know much about this company, and never even really paid that much attention to lights, and types of lighting you could have in your homes or anywhere until this, but now it’s got me wanting to get some new lamps or something. FontanaArte is really nice and maybe one day if my money permits me, I may purchase something from them.