Harriet’s favorite lights

While looking through your website I came upon several unique designs and brands that really stood out to me. I enjoyed looking at Next Lighting, because of the weird look of the lights they become very modern with almost a soft and smooth look but with lots of swirls and curls. When I look at the Next Pendant Lights they bring warmth into the pictures and make the room look inviting and comfortable. The Next brand really defines freshness and comfort when it comes to picking out lighting from your home.

The next brand I looked at is Escale and their ceiling lights. These lights reminded me of fairy and christmas lights. I have fairy lights all around my room and they make the room feel more welcoming and relaxing. The Spin Ceiling Light reminded me almost of a birds nest that someone entwinded fairy lights into. It's really beautiful and would look great in a childs themed bedroom or above a breakfast table. This delegate lights are a work of art leaving things to your imagination.

Emme Pi Lighting make the most fabulous chandeliers that are so elegant and posh. These chandeliers hold a very victorian look as these style chandeliers have been popular for decades and I can see why! The chandelier itself is a piece of art and is the highlight of all the rooms it is placed in.  I enjoyed reading about the brand itself, Emme Pi Lighting designs and creates there lighting right at the workshop, allowing for one to experience the works of Masiero designs. Each piece is unique from another and really holds the aspect of elegance.

I choose to look at Karboxx because of their cool name and how it caught my attention. Their brand is as unique as they name as they combine materials like carbon fibre and refined fiber-glass to display beauty and light in a way thats never been seen before. Their Sun Suspension Light is a piece of art in itself. I have never seen a light like this before and with all the details like slotting together 95 thin sheets of fabric, this light is one of a kind. The light really makes the kitchen in the picture provided pop! and really set a theme for the room, to make it a great area for entertainment.

Last but not least I checked out Ottocento. Ottocento has a diverse selection of lighting ranging from anicent to modern times. I looked at their VE 973/70+5 Chandelier which is so outstanding and outrageous at the same time, I am in love with it! The color chosen for this chandelier is so different and inspiring. Out of all the lighting I saw on your website this is definitely my favorite by far. It is a dramatic art piece that can make any room fabulous. Each painted glass pendant draws you in and makes you admire it.

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website. It really inspired me to look deeper into lighting when it comes to designing a room or home. Lighting makes the room what it is and without the room would be bland. I would like to thank Lighting55 for allowing me this opportunity to be a candidate for this scholarship.