Erik’s favorite lights

            One brand of lighting that really caught my eye was Luce Da Vivere. Taking into account its Italian translation (Living Light), its products does the name justice. The products themselves are unique and eye-catching. They’re not bland as it provides a nice variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

            For example, the ceiling lights really caught my attention. They each have such a unique shape that gives off a very alien or futuristic feel to any room. One’s like the “Glossy Ceiling and Wall lamp” stood out to me as very classy and elegant.   An abundance of the “Bamboo Ceiling Light” types all look extraordinary, classy, and all around beautiful.

            One thing that makes this brand stand out from others, is that it not only gives off a glamourous appeal, but it can work with virtually any type of home or business. The many forms of chandeliers that Luce Da Vivere sells also allows for a flexible arrangement of the room. It would work well for a ballroom, or even a living room.

            Another notable feature includes its metallic appearance. The merchandise appears to be something that would work well to give any office or home a more professional look. The floor lamps in the catalog are what I found to be the most professional looking. I’ve always found floor lamps to be better to have in a room of any kind, whether it be the office, home, or business.

            Luce Da Vivere presents a very exquisite taste and through their table lamps, I find them to be very superb. The table lamps, like all the products, come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You are bound to find one that you love.

            In conclusion, Luce Da Vivere lives up to its name. The products all give off a vibrant and elegant atmosphere that will enclose the room with “living light.” Due to this, I have chosen Luce Da Vivere as my favorite brand and if the expenses were there, I’d renovate a home with their lighting.