Elisa’s favorite lights

My favorite lighting brand of all times is definitely Louis Poulsen. Time after time, I have found myself picking these lighting fixtures in my commercial or residential designs, including the outdoor lighting. I have an eclectic and somewhat minimalist taste, and Louis Poulsen lighting has the minimalist touch. It has clean lines, very geometric and makes me think of the word "architecture" when I see it. I feel that in order for any designed space or building to shine, it literally needs to shine with beautiful lighting, such as Louis Poulsen's fixtures. These fixtures are so classic, they never go out of style, for example the "Artichoke" pendant light has been around for decades and it is still one of my favorites, I never get tired of seeing it. I believe it is my favorite lighting brand because of its architectural touch in their designs. Most of the fixtures are well balanced, symmetry is somewhat obvious, which is a naturally easy on the eyes for most people. The fixtures inspire tranquility and balance in life. The motifs found in some fixtures such as the "Collage 600" suspension light, are very elegant and sophisticated. Each fixture is turned into a master piece as it is designed in perfect harmony combining the right colors with the right materials that match its physical appearance. The colors chosen to use in all the products are very elegant and sophisticated. Besides the functional lighting the fixtures provide, they serve as accents to a room, in the way they light up a space and in their beautythat can be appreciated even when the lights are off.  In sum, one can never go wrong in choosing Louis Poulsen's lighting because it is a timeless, sophisticated and functional brand. Never overwhelming, easy on the eyes and provides tranquility.