Brittany’s favorite lights

The lighting brand that really stuck out to me is Onoluce. By just looking at the brand style alone it really catches the consumers’ eye. The brand itself is unique. Most of the brands shown seemed to have had the name of the company in a fancy font. Onoluce’s brand, however, is not just that. The brand is elegant and simple and will really stick in the consumer’s mind. To me, the brand itself looks like lightbulbs which I find to be very fitting. 
The products by Onoluce are so tastefully simple they make the perfect edition to any home. All of these products could fit inside any style of a home. I could easily see an Onoluce chandelier being found in a million dollar home or an average suburb family home. The products just seem to fit with everything! If your house is on the fancier side an Onoluce ceiling light or suspension lamp would fit perfectly.
 The design of the suspension lamps really stand out to me. I have never seen suspension lamps that are so modern and look durable at the same time. Usually suspension lamps that try to be modern are not durable or if they are durable they most definitely are not modern. However, with Onoluce’s suspension lamps being hand crafted makes them not only unique but also long lasting. Everyone knows that something hand crafted will last a lot longer then something that just goes through the assembly line.
The fact that Onoluce has suspension lights that are made from blowing glass, a technique that is very difficult to master, simply amazes me. By doing such a difficult process just to get a certain style of a lamp truly impresses me. Onoluce could have gone with the simpler route by making any ordinary lamp that resembles blowing glass but isn’t just shows that this company puts a lot of time and effort into each and every one of their products.
The outdoor lighting options are probably my favorite! It’s not every day that you see a house with outdoor lights that do more than just light the outline of a path. These lights seem to be beyond perfect for any outdoor event. By having the option of a low to the ground outdoor lamp or taller slimmer outdoor lamp is crucial to me. Personally I like the idea of a taller outdoor lamp. For my active life style, if I am outside I am doing something and not just sitting in a chair. The fact that it is tall enough to spread light over a large area so you can still do fun outdoor night activities is crucial. 
These lights by Onoluce seem perfect for any life style whether there are young kids running around or an elegant home with no kids the lights would be a perfect match. Onoluce does a remarkable job of making sure that the lights are modern and can fit any life style. The lights are also hand crafted for the most part and durable so they will last longer than a couple of years which is essential when buying household products.