Ashley’s favorite lights

The brands I found intriguing on the site would be Estilus and Luce da Vivere. The reason I enjoyed browsing through these two are the unique designs and the feng shui. The uniqueness of both these companies was quite astounding. Many of the products I noticed seemed to be a piece of art. The different shapes were breathtaking, you never really see that amount of thought go into a lighting piece. It is very important to have a variety of designs because one thing customers look for in products is mainly its uniqueness. The one thing I have learned working in retail is customers like unique pieces. The pendant lights definitely stand out and I would honestly buy it for my home. I feel like this brand really does the research and takes times to create art. Their pieces do not look like ordinary lamps or pendants, its like having Picasso in your home. It brings some life into the standard look of lamps and I feel it can make a home look like a Martha Stewart catalog. 

As for the Feng Shui, these two brands have embraced the idea of balance. I believe a home should be balanced; the colors, furniture, and even lighting should all create a harmonious environment. Our homes are our sanctuary and they must feel like it as well. One thing many people ignore when decorating a new home are lighting pieces. Lighting pieces are very important because they pretty much tie a room together. They can either make or break a room design. The two brands I believe did an amazing job at balancing have impeccable taste. I see a lot of nature inspiration in many of these pieces; for example branches, many pendants have branch like qualities. I also noticed the colors used; gold, silver, bronze, brown. These color are fantastic because they are neutral. Estilus and Luce da Vivere have embraced the concept of Feng Shui and redefined it.