AshAnna’s favorite lights

First impressions give the mind an imagination of what is to come. The first brand that stood out to me when scrolling through the lighting companies was Vesoi. The bold text and label made me imagine elegance. As soon as I clicked the links, I was provided with just that, with emphasis on modern design. It gives consumers an idea of distinction and class with modern functionality. The pendants, ceiling lights, lamps, and sconces give way to comprehensive design, emphasizing style and grace, but giving customers a 'wow factor' from basic operation.

When looking over the photos behind the brand, it was very easy for me to imagine the lighting in different rooms throughout different homes. The products provided by Vesoi are my favorite because of the impression it gives, the way it looks, and the difference it gives for illuminating a home. The ceiling lights have a sophisticated design, focusing on an innovative and modernistic appearance to function upon the housetop. The floor lamps are distinct, yet elusive. I imagine them to be a part of the background and allow a mood to be set, instead the primary decor for a certain setting. The suspension lighting has an inviting tone to them. I like the way they are noticeable and emphasis a fun look, but even in that excitement, the appearance is not overbearing for its design. The wall sconces play more into decorating the setting. When used in bathrooms or hallways as shown through the brand’s page, it allows such a simple area to receive a primary focal point; allowing a simple fixture to be the only needed decoration without being too much for the area. When it comes to the table lamps, functionality was a major focus for me. The items offered can be used for each room of a home. The overall collection is a reflection of the brand’s symbol, adding taste to any and every room for each product offered.

Another reason this brand is my favorite, is because of the build quality. I like the versatility amongst the imaged materials. The brand uses glass, metal and even ecofriendly resources for its products. It makes a statement that says ‘as a company we are well rounded in materials used, but each product will end with an elegant touch’. From a consumer stand point, that criteria meets a well needed balance in home décor and lighting. To be able to have an array of products made from different materials, and still have it look nice throughout the house is a ‘win win’ situation, exclusive only to this brand I noticed. Other brands in comparison have a theme across their designs, but Vesoi provides two kinds, modern and subtle, or modern and elegant. This gives way to even more diversity across the collection. Overall no matter the home style, whether it is: contemporary, modem, traditional, or abstract, the Vesoi collection has products that apply to each area of a home that will fit just perfect. It is my favorite even after scrolling through the brands for a final time, for just that reason.