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  • Embracing Architectural Lighting to Match your Style

    Posted by admin | November 27, 2013

    Architectural lighting can be described as the Illumination of buildings not just to attain enough light for the building, but also for the aesthetic appearance it creates. Focusing on various features of illumination of objects or structures, architectural lighting is an art that needs not just to be left to lighting designers to engage in, but can be done by anyone with a passion for lighting of buildings.

  • Modern Recessed Lighting

    Posted by admin | November 25, 2013

      When you are in the process of designing a home or renovating it, one of the decisions you will need to make is what kind of lighting to get for the home. This is something that has to be thoroughly thought through since it has long term implications.

  • Quasar Lighting

    Posted by admin | November 20, 2013

    If you are interested in making your home look a lot more interesting, one of the things you need to take note of is the kind of lighting you use for it. The quality of the lighting usually has a dramatic effect on the mood of the room.

  • Modern Chandeliers

    Posted by admin | November 13, 2013

    Many people are interested in getting modern chandeliers for their homes. This makes a lot of sense, since such items tend to give the house a very elegant feel.

  • Hallmarks of Hollywood Regency Interior Design

    Posted by admin | November 11, 2013

    If you are looking for a regal looking glam look that still keeps modern sense of style without too much tacky, then Hollywood Regency is definitely a style for you. This style is making a comeback, with its focus on attention to detail, clean, and shiny, glitzy and silky looks.

  • What Are Your Options For Lighting In Your Living And Family Room

    Posted by admin | November 6, 2013

    If you are looking for lighting in your living and family room, then you will have a lot to think about as you start to make decisions.  There are a ton of options, and therefore a significant amount of factors.

  • Indoor,lighting,Natural,Lighting,Flourescent,LED,Recessed,Strip,or,Track,Kitchens,and,Task,Accent

    Posted by admin | November 4, 2013

    Regardless of where you may live, there was once a time when the only type of replacement light bulb you could purchase at your local home improvement store was an incandescent bulb. As society has become more concerned with being energy efficient and being conscious of the negative impact that we are having on the environment, changes have come through that have caused the end of the incandescent lamp.

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