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  • Tips for Enhancing the Quality of Lighting

    Posted by admin | October 31, 2013

    If the rooms in your home are starting to bore you—before you throw out your furniture, before you decide to paint, before you start tearing down walls in frantic haste—stop and take a look at your lighting instead. The kind and quality of light in a home, as well as the fixtures from which it shines, has every bit as much to do with the level of comfort and aesthetic ease as fresh color and lavish furnishings.

  • Health Care Lighting

    Posted by admin | October 28, 2013

    Healthcare is a booming industry, due in no small part to the fact that 78 million baby boomers are reaching their retirement years, which unfortunately, are often riddled with medical issues. Ongoing medical advances provide opportunities for healthcare lighting systems to be updated, tweaked, and even entirely remodeled and it’s important for facility managers to consult an electrical contractor to discuss lighting control systems for their specific applications.

  • Four Simple Reasons Why LED Lighting is best for your Hotel

    Posted by admin | October 23, 2013

    Whether you own one hotel, or an entire hotel chain, you are probably well aware of the energy costs associated with various aspects of your business. Since checkins may occur at various times of the day, there are certain parts of your hotel where the lights are probably left on all the time.

  • Contemporary Bedroom Design

    Posted by admin | October 21, 2013

    What is a contemporary or modern bedroom? Sure, it’s easy to define what a modern or contemporary kitchen or bathroom is. But with a modern bedroom, you are set up with a few dilemmas.

  • Impacts of light on human life

    Posted by admin | October 18, 2013

    Light is a very important factor in every day life with impact on all aspects of it. Traditionally, the purpose of light was limited to enable vision.

  • Bathroom Lighting Tips

    Posted by admin | October 16, 2013

      When looking at designing the lighting for your bathroom, it is important to keep in mind what practical applications you will have in place in the bathroom. Of course almost all bathrooms have mirrors, and the lighting for those mirrors need to be bright and vibrant.

  • 7 Major Interior Design Trends 2013

    Posted by admin | October 14, 2013

    Each year there are elements of home décor that come in and out of style. This year, there are a couple of trends that will come back in style that have not been a big seller for a little while.

  • Characteristics of good lighting design

    Posted by admin | October 4, 2013

      Many people fail to recognize one of the most important aspects of interior design, and that is our lighting. How do we decide was is good lighting? It all depends on our needs.

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