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  • Why Modern Lighting is better than Tuscany Lighting

    Posted by admin | September 25, 2013

      There are some really big core differences between modern lighting design and Tuscany lighting design.  Modern lighting design includes a variety of lighting fixtures that accent a simple and basic interior design of the room as a whole.

  • How lighting benefits Interior Design

    Posted by admin | September 20, 2013

      Interior design is a specific field of design that requires all elements of a room to be connected together in a central theme. As such, finding ways to incorporate everything a room needs into the design can sometimes be difficult, but not impossible.

  • Designer Spotlight: Greta Grossman

    Posted by admin | September 11, 2013

      One of the best Swedish designers of the 20th century was Greta Grossmann, who came to be a major furniture and interior designer during the 1930s. According to Wikipedia, She was born in Sweden and her major studio was in Stockholm, until the 1940s when she moved with her husband to Los Angeles.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting FAQs

    Posted by admin | September 4, 2013

    Answers to the most commonly asked lighting questions.   The incandescent light bulb is slowly but steadily disappearing.

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