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  • Creative ways to save energy in your home

    Posted by admin | August 28, 2013

      Creative Ways To Save Energy In Your Home  We live in a more environmentally responsible society. We strive to use less energy in our everyday living.

  • Benefits of Architectural Lighting

    Posted by admin | August 28, 2013

    Architectural lighting is a method of illuminating a space that focuses on accenting the architecture of the room. Some of the most common lighting fixtures used for architectural lighting is under cabinet lighting, recess lighting, sconce lighting, down lighting, valance lighting, and a luminous ceiling.

  • The World of Foscarini Lighting

    Posted by admin | August 13, 2013

      When remodeling or designing your home one of the biggest elements of interior design that will compliment your personal style is lighting. It is not enough to simply pick the fastest, easiest and cheapest lighting solution and simply throw it in to the design of your home.

  • Expert Tips on How To Light a Hallway

    Posted by admin | August 9, 2013

      When redesigning your home, there are two things often overlooked in interior design; lighting and hallway décor. Hallways are often considered “not important” to design, and are overlooked, while comtemporary lighting is perhaps one of the last things people think about when designing a room.

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