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  • Using Lighting to Create Just the Right Atmosphere

    Posted by admin | July 29, 2013

      Yes, you can create just the right atmosphere for each and every room in your house by addressing the lighting. Accent lighting is becoming one of the most popular ways to create the mood of a room or “set the tone” by illuminating certain features of the room.

  • Proper Task Lighting for Your Home Office

    Posted by admin | July 24, 2013

      Almost all homes have a room or some place in a room reserved for working at home. The changing attitudes that have developed about how we work and where we work make it necessary to give considerable thought to make your home office as productive an environment as possible.

  • Four Simple Tips To Choosing the Right Bedroom Lighing

    Posted by admin | July 18, 2013

      If you’ve browsed the bedroom lighting options available at your local home improvement store, you probably realized that there’s much more to choosing the right lighting for your bedroom than picking a certain color or finish. While choices used to be limited to ceiling lights, ceiling fans and table lamps, manufacturers are giving homeowners more options with bedroom lighting options that suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

  • Properly Recycling and Disposing of Compact Fluorescent Lights

    Posted by admin | July 12, 2013

      How To Take Care Of The Environment By Properly Disposing Of And Recycling Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Compact Florescent Lights are prevalent in most contemporary lighting fixtures now-a-days. They fit in your standard light bulb socket so they are a popular choice.

  • How Modern Lighting Creates That Contemporary Bathroom Look

    Posted by admin | July 12, 2013

      In your journey to choose a style for your home and designing all of the appropriate elements to achieve that perfect style it’s important to fully understand the style so you can get to that point successfully.  There are very specific elements to each type of style.

  • Contemporary Lighting with Black and White

    Posted by admin | July 9, 2013

        Black and white, although they are contrasting in nature, always work in harmony. Combined, these colors have something dramatic and exciting.

  • The Art of Choosing the Perfect Table Lamp

    Posted by admin | July 2, 2013

      Table lamps are fascinating in that they serve the functional purpose of adding illumination but also that they represent the artistic tastes of individual by serving as a type of sculpture or centerpiece in the room where they stand. Not every room uses table lamps, but where they are used, they are an important design element.

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