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42W Eco halogen lamp - compares to 60W incand. Back to listing
42W Eco halogen lamp - compares to 60W incand.

Image: 42W - Eco halogen lamp (image may differ from product)

42W Eco halogen lamp - compares to 60W incand.


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30% energy savings and a 1:1 replacement for traditional light bulbs! - Same pleasant quality of light as an incandescent lamp
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42W Eco halogen lamp - compares to 60W incand.

The halogen lamp 42W standard Halogen is a full replacement of the conventional 60W incandescent light bulb. It is dimmable and has twice the life compared to standard incandescent lamp. Big Benefits of a halogen lamp Halogen lamps offer a combination of benefits that make them an appealing alternative to standard incandescents in many applications. This bulbs has the same pleasant quality of light as an incandescent lamp. This product may slightly differ from image.

Big Benefits

Halogen lamps offer a combination of benefits that make them an appealing alternative to standard incandescents in many applications.

Color rendering

Color Temperature & Rendering:Since halogens are incandescent lamps,their CRI of 100 will render colors accurately and will match the colortemperature of other light sources in the 3000K range.

Long Life

Standard incandescent lamps and halogenlamps both use tungsten filaments. However, thefilament in the standard lamp evaporates overtime, causing it to weaken and eventually break.The gasses inside halogen lamps allow theevaporated tungsten to find its way back to the filamentand redeposit, ensuring a long life of 2,000 hoursor more.

Lumen Maintenance

Compared to standard incandescent lamps, halogens offer superiorlumen performance throughout the life of the lamp.

Dimming of Halogen bulbs

Line voltage Halogen lamps can be dimmed using a conventional incandescent dimmer. However,using a dimmer actually has an adverse effect on the lamps.Standard incandescents benefit from being used with a dimmer due to the reducedvoltage being applied to the filament. Halogen lamp filaments need to be operatedat higher temperatures (250 degrees Celsius or higher) for the lamp to function properly.when a halogen lamp is used on a dimmer, the filament will not reach this temperatureand the halogen cycle will not work.

Diameter Diameter 2.2" (5.5cm)

Technical Details

Energy efficiency class Energy efficiency class
Energy saving Energy saving Yes Yes
Type of light bulb Type of light bulb Halogen Halogen
Socket type Socket type E26 or E27 - depending on Voltage E26 or E27 - depending on Voltage
Dimmable Dimmable Yes Yes
Color of light Color of light Warm white - 3000K Warm white - 3000K
Lamp voltage Lamp voltage 110V - 125V | 220 - 240V - Line voltage 110V - 125V | 220 - 240V - Line voltage
Luminance in lumen Luminance in lumen 670 670
Brightness Brightness 120% of a 60W incandescent bulb 120% of a 60W incandescent bulb
Average lifetime Average lifetime 2000h or 1.8 years with a burning time of 3h per day 2000h or 1.8 years with a burning time of 3h per day
Manufacturer part numbers: Osram 64543 A ECO

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