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Kitchen Lighting Aside from choosing the right kitchen island, flooring, stove and wall colors for your kitchen, lighting is also an essential part of kitchen décor because it adds glamour to the kitchen and it makes tasks in the kitchen efficient. There are diverse ways to light a kitchen these days and it takes research and creativity to achieve the best lighting for your kitchen. Your kitchen lighting should be bright enough to operate in but also not overpowering, and when choosing certain types of kitchen lighting, you should consider the size and theme of the kitchen as well as the height of the ceiling. If you have a country-themed kitchen, consider rustic kitchen lighting. Farmhouse pendant lights are great for this theme because they have a wooden square design and you can purchase antique light bulbs for the pendant fixtures. You can also paint the pendant fixtures a color that’s a part of the kitchen theme. For example, if you have an all-white kitchen, painted black or navy pendant lights would work to offset the whiteness of your kitchen. Gas lanterns are also nice for a rustic kitchen and you can hang a large Tiffany vintage ceiling light in the rustic kitchen. For the contemporary kitchen, track lights are excellent kitchen lighting because these lights accentuate certain features of your kitchen such as your marble island, oak hardwood floors and stainless steel refrigerator. Track lights use less energy and you can arrange them in any direction of the kitchen. Track lights are also stylish and come in beautiful designs and colors. You can also place a large recessed light in the ceiling of the kitchen. If you want minimalist kitchen lighting, choose wall sconces because they take up less space while still providing enough light in your kitchen. Wall sconces are also affordable and come in decorative designs and neat colors and shapes. If you need under-the-cabinet lighting in the kitchen, you can place some sconces under the cabinets to illuminate your sink area as you wash dishes and prepare foods. Blinds add natural sunlight to the kitchen during the day and these are energy-efficient ways to light the kitchen. Many of the blinds you’ll find in the store are also adjustable so you can control how much natural light you want in the kitchen. Blinds are good heating tools for your kitchen on mild winter days because the sun will add some warmth to the kitchen. Curtains are also great for adding natural light to kitchens. Dimmers are good for kitchen lighting because the dimmers let you adjust the brightness of your kitchen lights and this makes for an energy-efficient way to light your kitchen. Kitchen island chandeliers give your kitchen a sophisticated look and it provides just the right amount of lighting for the kitchen. And you don’t have to purchase glass chandeliers because they come in bronze, brass, wrought iron and metal. Chandeliers are also great if you entertain guests often in your kitchen because they serve as a conversation piece.

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