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Overview - Hallway + Foyer


Foyer + Entryway Lighting When guests walk in your home, one of first things they notice is the lighting and how this lighting transforms your home. Foyer + entryway lighting is essential for the home because it tells guests that they’re welcome in your home and it keeps your home from appearing boring. Nowadays you can find numerous light fixtures for foyers and entryways that didn’t exist decades ago, and more homeowners are moving away from the fancier styles of foyer + entryway lighting. If you’re not sure which light fixtures are the best for your foyer or entryway, think about the home’s theme. You should also find out which size you need for the light fixture. You can do this by adding the width and length of the room. You should place the light fixture a few inches above the floor of the foyer. Mini pendant lights and crystal or black chandeliers add class and European charm to your foyer, particularly if the home has a French country-style theme. One style of mini pendant lights for foyer + entryway lighting is the bell-shaped lights. Another idea is to get some antique colored mini pendants if your home is decorated in art deco style. Wall sconces add a simple touch to foyer + entryway lighting and these sconces should be placed on a high section of the wall so guests won’t be blinded by the light. Wall sconces don’t take up space and this allows others to focus more on the beautiful features of your foyer. Some good ideas for wall sconces include wrought iron, antique brass and box-shaped sconces. To make your foyer + entryway lighting multilayered, combine different light fixtures. For example, you can hang some mini pendant lights and include a Tiffany-style lamp on the floor table.. To complement the foyer +entryway lighting, you can place some oil paintings on the wall and place some glass decorations on the mantelpiece. Spotlights add glamour to foyer + entryway lighting and you can get the wires enclosed so the guests won’t trip over the wires when they walk in. Spotlights also add a movie-like quality to the home when you’re holding a party, and these lights come in various colors and designs. You can purchase spotlights at lighting stores and major home improvement stores. Recessed lights make good foyer+ entryway lighting because they serve as accents to target your foyer or entryway’s best features without showing excess light in the room. Recessed lights also focus the lighting downward and this gives the room a classy look. Tall arc lamps look nice for the foyer or entryway, and you can complement this contemporary fixture by adding a neutral-colored area rug, a glass vase with autumn or spring-themed flowers and decorative colored balls on the mantelpiece. Foyer + electricity lighting is a great asset to the home ev though it is one of the least used rooms in the home. Foyer + electricity also provides safety because it keeps you from stumbling or knocking a heavy object down. Modern Hallway Lighting If your hallway looks drab and lifeless, it’s time to install modern hallway lighting. Modern hallway lighting adds safety and sophistication to the hallway and depending on the type of light fixture you get, modern hallway lighting is also energy efficient and it saves you money. When you purchase lighting for the hallway, think about the size of the hallway and how much lighting you need. You can read some interior design magazines and watch TV programs on finding the best lighting for your hallway. Your hallway lighting shouldn’t be too overpowering in the hallway. Wall sconces are excellent modern hallway lighting because the sconces add a neat and dim look to the hallway, and they use less space and energy. To adjust the level of lighting from the wall sconces, install a dimmer for the sconces. You should install the sconces on a high area of the hallway or in the center of the hallway to get the maximum lighting. If you don’t plain white wall sconces, you can purchase some colored and decorative sconces. You should install no more than three wall sconces on the hallway wall. Track lights modernize your hallway and if you place these lights on the ceiling, they’ll accentuate the color of the hallway and artwork on the wall. Another benefit of track lights is that they’re energy efficient and they come in nice shapes and colors. Track lights are easy to maintain and clean, and they add a contemporary touch to the hallway. Another idea is to use a large recessed light for modern hallway lighting. Recessed lights often face downwards in a room and they focus the light on favorite items in the hallway such as your artwork, hallway coffee table and your flooring. Recessed lights come in numerous designs so there’s always one that will fit in with your home’s overall theme. If your hallway’s wall color is in a neutral tone such as tan, chocolate, beige or gray, a colorful antique pendant light would be excellent for modern hallway lighting because the colors in the light fixture will add balance and elegance to the hallway. Many local antique stores, online vintage furniture stores and some flea markets carry antique pendant lights. Blown glass ball lights are great modern hallway lighting if you have a longer hallway. These lights bring a nice glow and color to the hallway. These lights also provide adequate lighting for your hallway without overpowering. If you want to adjust the type of lighting within this fixture, dimmers would work. String or rope lights work well for modern hallway lighting because they add a minimalist design to the hallway and they use less space than the bulky ceiling lights or lamps. This is especially a good idea if you have a contemporary-themed home. String or rope lights also come in various colors and sizes. You’ll find these lights at most lighting stores and this kind of modern hallway lighting add elegance to your hallway.

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