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The focus of your dining room lighting should be the table since this is where your guests will spend the most time. And when choosing light bulbs for your dining room fixtures, you shouldn’t get bulbs with an excessively high wattage as this may be too bright for the dining room Light bulbs with 50 to 60 watts in them are the best for dining rooms. Also try to use LED bulbs as they’re low on energy and don’t give as much heat as regular bulbs. Choose dining room lighting that complements the dining room’s theme and that doesn’t clash with the theme. When you install the dining room lighting, don’t clutter the dining room with too many photo frames, artwork or collectibles because the focus won’t be on the light and dining room table. Your dining room lighting should also be at least five to seven inches off the floor and it’s also good to measure the height of your ceiling wall before purchasing the dining room lighting. Chandeliers make excellent dining room lighting and brass chandeliers are the most popular ones because of the elegance they bring to dining room. If you have a Gothic or black-and-white color scheme in the dining room, black chandeliers are ideal and wrought iron chandeliers will also work for this theme. Depending on the size of the dining room, you would get a small or large chandelier. If you’re concerned about the price of the chandelier, don’t worry because most lighting stores sell chandeliers at affordable prices and if you want a high-end designer chandelier, you can purchase one on sale at most stores. Chandeliers may be a little more time-consuming to clean than other dining room lighting, but the romance the chandelier adds to a dining room is worth it. There are online articles and Youtube videos which explain how to clean chandeliers. Wall sconces are budget-friendly and nice for dining room lighting because they create a subtle and elegant mood to a dining room. Because wall sconces come in various designs and colors, choose some which match the dining room’s style. If you have a 1920s-themed dining room with an antique cabinet, a long oak antique dining table with white linen tablecloth and huge decorative chairs, some wall sconces with tree decorations on them fit with the antique theme. You can also get some bell-shaped or box-shaped colored wall sconces if you live in a one-room studio apartment that serves as a dining room and bedroom. You should place the wall sconces at least a few inches high on the dining room and they should also be spaced out by two inches on the wall. Recessed lights are also nice dining room lighting because the lighting is in a downward direction and these lights create adequate task lighting that doesn’t overpower the room. Tiffany pendant lights also make for excellent dining room lighting because of the colored glass it’s made of and it adds nostalgia to the dining room.

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