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Overview - Bedroom


When choosing bedroom lighting, consider not only the style and function of the bedroom but also the size of the bedroom and height of the ceiling wall, especially if you plan to install a ceiling light in the bedroom. Bedroom lighting is diverse so it may seem overwhelming when looking for the right choice. You can streamline the process by writing down which designs of bedroom lighting you like the most, how you plan to use the bedroom lighting and the cost you’re willing to pay for good bedroom lighting. Aside from the décor, lighting is one of the most important aspects of the bedroom and this is why you should choose the lighting wisely. Bedroom lighting shouldn’t be too harsh but also not so cool where it isn’t functional. Read home decorating magazines to get the latest trends in bedroom lighting and determine which ones look the best in your bedroom. Bedroom lighting should look exciting and inviting. If you read in bed often, get a table lamp or overhead bedroom lighting. These styles are excellent bedroom lighting because they’re functional for different tasks while giving your bedroom a casual elegance. Your table lamp doesn’t always have to be big in order for it to stand out and in fact, it may better if you used a smaller table lamp so it won’t overpower the other objects in your bedroom. As for bulbs for the lamp, you should go with LED light bulbs because they use less energy and they come in nice shapes. Purchase a table lamp that’s easy to use and that complements the bedroom’s overall style. For example, if you have a neutral-colored bedroom wall with a wall decal on it, choose a table lamp with a brownish orange or reddish brown color and a beige lampshade. Tiffany-style table lamps also go well in a bedroom. Two table lamps on each of the bed are sufficient. Track lights and recessed lights are good bedroom lighting because they add a subtle and classy touch to the bedroom. They also look nice for a contemporary-themed bedroom. You can adjust the track lights anyway you choose and this is why track lights help you perform tasks with adequate lighting. Since recessed lights are often placed in ceiling walls, they won’t take up lots of space but you’ll still enough lighting for your needs. When installing recessed or track lights for bedroom lighting, you want to place the lighting above your bed since this allows the light to spread out evenly across the bedroom. Mini pendant lights are often viewed as appropriate for dining rooms, kitchens and the foyer but these lights are also good for the bedroom because they bring elegance to the bedroom and they come in beautiful designs and colors. The key is not to hang so many mini pendant lights in the bedroom but maybe two or three because this is enough for function and décor.

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