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Modern Bathroom Lighting You spend a great deal of time in the bathroom and lighting allows you to see what you’re doing clearly and it gives luxury and class to the bathroom. Modern bathroom lighting comes in a variety of shapes and colors so it can be slightly overwhelming to find the best bathroom light fixture. You want to choose modern bathroom lighting that complements your bathroom and that’s not too small or large for the size of your bathroom. Wall sconces are terrific modern bathroom lighting because they don’t take up too much space and they create a minimalist and sleek look for the bathroom. If you have a spa-like bathroom theme, consider bamboo or wooden wall sconces in colors black, brown, beige or red. You can also get some personalized wall sconces with your monograms engraved on them. For your children’s bathroom, some bright-colored wall sconces will look fun and animated. When you install wall sconces, you want to place them high enough on the wall so the lights won’t glare directly at you. Also use only two or three so you won’t clutter the design. Chrome is an excellent and affordable modern bathroom lighting because it lasts a long time and adds luxury to the bathroom. Chrome bathroom lighting comes in many types and these include recessed lights, chrome chandeliers and chrome antique pendant lights. If you have a high-traffic bathroom, you should use chrome bathroom light fixtures because they’re easy to maintain and clean. Chrome bathroom fixtures complement most colors so it won’t clash with your main bathroom color. Brass bathroom lighting is similar to chrome bathroom lighting in texture and brass bath lighting brings a vintage and sophisticated look to the bathroom. Brass is also affordable and you can find a variety of brass bath lighting at most lighting stores or major home improvement stores. Copper lighting fixtures are excellent because they’re antimicrobial as well as stylish. For an old-school look to a modern bathroom, get some wrought-iron bath lighting fixtures because they complement any bathroom theme. Chandeliers are a good form of modern bathroom lighting and you should choose one that fits with the size and style of your home. If you’re going for an art deco look to the bathroom, a black chandelier or chrome chandelier fits well with this theme. Or if you have a funky retro theme to the bathroom, a Tiffany chandelier would look nice. For maximum safety when installing modern bathroom lighting, don’t install it near the tub, heater or your thermostat if you have one. This is important because you want to avoid home hazards. If you want energy-eficient modern bathroom lighting, get photosensors. You can program them to come off and on during certain times of the day. LED lights are another way to reduce energy with bathroom lighting. To keep your modern bathroom lighting clean, use some Windex or liquid soap and water with a soft cloth.

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