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Studio Castiglia Association - founded in 1982 by Sergio Castiglia, Marinella Santarelli and Maria Tiziana Tazza. In charge of design, art direction, organizations and architecture, over these years the office has committed itself in the research of contents and beauty of the present, between creative sceneries and productive reality.

Studio Castiglia Association Fixtures

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It collaborated and has been cooperating with firms of different sectors: kitchens, bathrooms, offices, furniture and accessories, living area furniture, laminates and lamps. A lot of successful products have obtained honours or awards in shows and exhibitions of different sectors: in 2000 the ADI honour for Freeway, Concept firm, in 2004 the ADI award for Casta Diva, Alma firm, Ferroli brand and not only in 2004 the COMFort & Design prize for Casta Diva, Alma firm, on the occasion of the Exhibition hold in Milan.

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