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Terzani La Luce Pensata is an Italian company that is know for producing some of the finest hand-crafted metal work in lighting. The company does not see lighting fittings and fixtures in their true sense. They feel they are living and every single piece has a story f its own.

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Sea Urchin Oblong Suspension Light



24 Angel Falls Suspension Light

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Etoile Suspension Light - Large



Tresor Small Ceiling Lamp


Overview - Terzani


Terzani Terzani is an Italian lighting company which specializes in high-end and creative light fixtures that are designed for style and functionality. Terzani has a long tradition of meeting the lighting needs of homeowners and businesses and this company is all about pushing the traditional boundaries of what excellent lighting should look and be like. One of the best ways to purchase Terzani lighting is at authorized dealers locally and online. These light fixtures are pricey but they’re worth the cost when you consider the beautiful design. You can also visit Terzani’s website and look at different light fixtures to see which ones best fit your home. Terzani’s A Touch of Red wall lamps are small and box-shaped lamps that are very suited for contemporary-themed homes. These lamps are made of hand blown crystal and they come in a chrome finish. These wall lamps take up little space on your wall and provide adequate lighting for areas of the home including the hallway, foyer, children’s rooms and dining rooms. These wall lamps can also be the base of your room’s décor. For example, you can purchase a maple drawer or bookcase and place it underneath the wall lamps. Another idea is to paint your wall color in a color that’s different from that of the wall lamps to create a nice color contrast with the lighting. When you put these lamps on the wall you don’t want to clutter the wall with photos or artwork but instead include one or two frames in between the wall lamps. The Adele is another simplistic but beautiful wall lamp from Terzani. This wall lamp is shaped like a long horn that bends slightly and has a minimalist look. It’s made of satin nickel and it fits in any room. For example, if you want your bathroom to look like the kind you see in luxury hotels, the Adele wall lamp from Terzani adds a sleek and elegant touch as well as subtle lighting. To complement the satin nickel in this wall lamp, you can purchase some stainless steel accessories such as a trash can, toilet tissue holder or a stainless steel towel rack. In addition, you can add some light blue or light green shower curtains along with a bamboo shower mat for extra sophistication. The Mezzaluna wall lamp from Terzani looks simple but elegant, and is shaped like a yellowish bowl. This is why the wall lamp should be considered for your kitchen wall. You can also use the Mezzaluna wall lamp to decorate bare bathroom or foyer walls. The Mezzaluna wall lamp is made of blown amber and it’s also functional. This lamp offers adequate lighting for the room and it doesn’t overpower the room. Because it’s yellowish in color, you don’t want to have yellow walls because this doesn’t look good for the lighting. Instead, use neutral tones for the walls if you’re putting these wall lamps on the walls.

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