Established in Rome in the 70s, Pallucco has always been one of its kind. With an innate instinct for stylishness, it has always sought particular shapes and furnishing accessories with a high aesthetic and design content to the extent that it is today one of the few true Design Companies on an international scale.

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Overview - Pallucco


Pallucco is an Italian lighting company that offers modern lighting that’s sophisticated yet still functional. This lighting company seeks to create lighting that homeowners can function in but still enjoy on a daily basis. Pallucco’s light fixtures are also great for homes and businesses which want unique styles of lighting and a break from the traditional styles of lighting. Pallucco also has a great team of designers that have many years of experience in their fields and work together to create innovative and sleek light fixtures to customers. Palluccos received worldwide recognition of their lighting and continue to evolve as a company. The Pallucco Glow Pendant Lamp is a beautiful fixture that’s designed like red shreds of paper balled into a unique shaped ball. This pendant lamp is made of aluminum and comes in colors red, white and brass. This pendant lamp is good for task lighting as it targets your home’s best features perfectly. Customers who purchased this pendant lamp said they liked how this lamp went well in particular rooms such as the living room, foyer and dining room. One customer who lives in a condo said this pendant lamp inspires him as a visual artist, and that he drew an oil painting of this pendant lamp for his kitchen. The Glow pendant lamp also adds a touch of romance to any room, and its’ unique design appeals to people of all age groups. For a more industrial look to your bare white walls, consider Pallucco’s optical wall sconces. These wall sconces resemble mini metal spotlights and you can arrange them in various directions. These sconces are made of aluminum and have polycarbonate shades. These wall sconces are excellent for the basement because they add just enough brightness to offer adequate lighting to the basement. You can also use these sconces in your living room as a complement to your recessed light or table lamps. These wall sconces have a beautiful metal finish and this is why they’re better for contemporary homes. If you want to add pizzazz to the optical wall scones, paint them the color of the room’s main color so you’ll have uniformity in the home’s décor. The Pallucco optical wall sconces are excellent on the eyes and they don’t give off glaring light that’s too harsh. These wall sconces come in pairs and you’ll need incandescent bulbs. Pallucco’s Gilda ornament pendant lamp has black/white paisley designs on them and would be excellent for a retro or art deco-themed home. This pendant lamp has a matte chrome finish and you’ll need halogen bulbs for this lamp. Here is how you can decorate with the Gilda black/white ornament pendant lamp. Get a black or white sofa along with some red or purple throw pillows to place on the sofa. Then add a white table lamp and on the mantelpiece place some black-and-white photos. You can also get a multicolored area rug and place it in front of the sofa and get a painted black wooden coffee table to match the décor of the room. Pallucco’s Gilda pendant lamp offers many possibilities.

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