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The Italian company Murano Due Lighting was established in 1982 according to the glassmaking traditions of Murano. The company has since brought the glassmaking techniques up to modern standards. The company has always refined the quality of materials used to create exquisite light fittings for its customers.

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Overview - Murano Due


Murano Due is an Italian lighting company that specializes in blown-glass light fixtures. This company pushes the boundaries of the lighting world with their innovative designs. This has become a popular brand for customers who want lighting that’s more than just functional but also beautiful to look at. Murano Due adds class to each of their designs and the fixtures are uniquely designed for all types of home décor themes. When you purchase light fixtures from Murano Due, you’re getting high quality lighting for your home or business, and these fixtures are durable and timeless. One good fixture from Murano Due is the Mercure S hanging suspension lamp. This suspension lamp is made of blown glass and in a metal finish. You can use this suspension lamp as a base for your room’s décor. If you have a stainless steel kitchen, you can hang the suspension light then complement the light fixture with some steel and colored balls in a wooden bowl on the kitchen table. Another idea is to complement the light fixture with a few collectibles or some copper measuring equipment to offset the steel in the kitchen. Murano Due’s S Mercure suspension lamp is excellent décor for an industrial-themed room as well as for functionality, and it’s a nice small size so it won’t overpower the room. Murano Due’s Aaron Pl wall and Ceiling Lamp looks spectacular either on your wall and ceiling and has a chrome metal frame. This lamp looks like a mini chocolate bonbon but it’s not a brown color. This lamp is great for task or accent lighting, and a customer who purchased this light said this light fixture was better than turning on a bright light from her wall, which often gave her headaches. Murano Due’s Aaron PL Wall and Ceiling Wall will perfectly illuminate your bathroom, foyer, hallway, bedroom and dining room without having excess brightness. A bulb with a 60 watt is required for this fixture. Murano’s Deluxe 35 PL Ceiling Lamp is really beautiful and has the resemblance of a shiny bean bag. This ceiling lamp is made of layered blown glass and has a satin finish. You can install this ceiling lamp in your bedroom, foyer, dining room and the living room. Customers who purchased this ceiling lamp said they were pleased with the design of it and the functionality. If you want high class lighting, you should get a Murano Due chandelier because it’s made with the Venetian glass that is loved and renowned the world over. When you have a Murano Due chandelier in your home, you have hundreds of years of luxury that’s timeless. Murano Due chandeliers come in many designs and people who purchased them have been satisfied with the product. The glassblowers and other designers who work on these chandeliers take care and pride in their fixtures and this is a quality that you won’t find with other lighting designers.

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