Founded in 1962, Leucos resulted from a masterful merge of rising design enthusiasm in the 1960s and the most refined traditions of handcrafted Murano glass. An artistic combination of Old World glass techniques and modern engineering, Leucos has become a renowned leader of contemporary glass lighting designs.

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Overview - Leucos


Leucos Leucos is a designer lighting company that offers high-end but functional lighting for homeowners and business owners. Leucos gives customers sophistication and functionality and the company’s designers seek to be innovative in how they approach lighting design. Leucos’s light fixtures can be purchased at authorized dealers in your area and online. Leucos carries pendant lights, ceiling lights, track lights, table lamps and floor lamps to fit with all lighting needs and décor goals. Leucos is one of the best lighting companies that exist today and they strive to create lighting which appeal to your eyes as well as your lighting needs. Leucos’s SS Fairy Suspension Lights are a throwback to the old school light bulb of the early 1900s but with a modern twist. These suspension lights come in three shapes; spheres, geoids and cylinders. These suspension lights are great for bathroom lights because they add romance to the room, and you can place these suspension lights in the hallway or foyer. The Leucos Fairy SS Suspension Lights are made of metal and have a chrome finish, which makes these lights exquisite. The Fairy Ss suspension Lights also add a modern twist to your décor. The Leucos Dracena 575 Modern Murano Glass Chandelier looks like a grayish weeping willow that adds a nice industrial but sophisticated look to your room. This chandelier was made from hand-blown glass with a chrome metal finish, and it gives you a different take on the traditional glass chandelier that people used for decades. This chandelier also comes in amber, silk, red and amethyst (my grandmother’s birthstone.) The Leucos Diane P wall sconce looks like a cylinder broken in half and it gives off adequate lighting for any room. Some of best rooms to place these in according to customers are the foyer, dining room, bathroom and hallway. The Diane P wall sconce from Leucos will require an incandescent bulb and this sconce has brushed aluminum and a glass diffuser. This wall sconce would also work in a home office or attic because it makes for good task lighting. Customers who purchased these wall sconces said they liked the design the most and they were pleased with the sconces’ efficiency. These wall sconces bring comfort and proper lighting to any home. If you own a retail business or gallery, you would benefit from the Leucos Planet Wall Sconce or Ceiling Light. This light fixture is circular in shape and emanates beautiful yet subtle light to your targeted merchandise. This light fixture is made of white painted metal and in a polished chrome finish. You’ll need a halogen bulb for this light fixture. Customers who purchased the Leucos planet Wall Sconce or Ceiling Light said they liked the brightness of the light as well as the amazing design. Other customers mentioned that they enjoyed the sophistication of the light fixture while some business owners said they felt the light fixture was nice for accent lighting as a complement to their main lighting.

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