Flos is a world famous maker of high quality Italian lighting with a catalog filled with iconic lighting that changed the concept of illumination itself. Flos was founded in 1962 to produce modern lighting. Over the years, Flos products have grown to be one of the most sought-after lighting fixtures from Europe.

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Overview - Flos


Flos Flos was founded in 1962 in Merano, Italy and the company’s goal is to create groundbreaking and innovative light fixtures that will set new trends in the world of lighting design. Flos has stores in Milan, Hong Kong, Paris and New York. In 2011, Flos received the Good Design Award in the lighting category and their collection of LED light fixtures, the Kelvin LED, was the reason they won this award. These decorative light fixtures are not only beautiful but energy-efficient. Flos’a Aoy table lamp is shaped like a square rug and is made of opaline glass. This table lamp provides diffused light in the room and it won’t overpower it with too much brightness. This also makes for good task lighting in any room and it’s small enough to fit on any table. It also has an on/off power switch and comes with a power cord. If you have a pop art-themed room, the Aoy table lamp from Flos is a great choice because it adds the casual elegance while still appearing minimalist in the design. The Gatto table lamp is shaped like a mini parachute and works well for a child’s room. This lamp has a cocoon finish and it’s made of steel. This light is also lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in the room. This table lamp comes with a built-in dimmer that allows you to control the amount of lighting that comes from the lamp. This is why the Gatto table lamp also works as a night light. Here is how you can incorporate this table lamp into your room design. If you have a room with wall colors that are neutral-toned and pastel, you can paint the table lamp a two-toned color so it can complement but not clash with the wall colors. You can also purchase some beige pillows for the sofa so it can complement the white table lamp. Flos’s May Day table lamp resembles a stairway and is black and orange. This table lamp works best for the basement but you can also place this in the kitchen or attic near your workspace. It’s made of polyprolene and it has an opaline finish. This table lamp reflects Flos’s goal of bringing 21st century flair to customers and this lamp is easy to use. It may not look as if it could blend in with most room themes but it actually works with most designs. For example, if your room has an industrial look, this May Day table lamp would work well. The Noce T table lamp is shaped like mini cars and it gives a subtle but smooth light that’s great for task lighting. It has an anthracite white finish and it’s made of aluminum and glass. The Can Can suspension light from Flor is made of polycarbonate and it has this purple layer underneath it which adds romance to your lighting. This light comes in violet/white, brown/yellow and yellow/white. Flor’s lighting fixtures are what modern families look for in lighting; elegance, functionality and energy efficiency.

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