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Catellani & Smith was founded in 1989 when Carlo Catellani and Logan Smith met at a huge horse race in 1985. Discovering they both had a love and passion for design, started a company creating objects in the old style. By hand full of love, passion and soul. Enzo Catellani is responsible for many of the company's iconic designs, including the fil de fer series and postkristi series.

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Overview - Catellani & Smith


Catellani and Smith Catellani and Smith is a lighting company that offers creative and well-manufactured light fixtures for homeowners and business owners. Catellani and Smith believe that lighting should be more than a necessity but actually a tool that enlivens the home and serves as a conversation piece. Catellni and Smith are also on the cutting edge of lighting design and they seek to incorporate eco-friendly methods of lighting homes and businesses with their light fixtures. Catellani and Smith’s ceiling lamps are elegant and functional and this is true with their disco ball-shaped Fil de Fer light. It’s made of aluminum and it sparkles beautifully when lit. It also has a halogen light source. The Fil de Fer oval-shaped ceiling lamp is made of gold and it brings a subtle and romantic touch to a room. It’s also high enough for any room but also not too low, and it gives adequate lighting. The PosKrisi ceiling lamp has a metal base and stainless steel rods. This lamp also comes in yellow, red or blue. The PosKrisi ceiling lamp would work well in a living room, bedroom and the basement because of its’ rectangular shape and minimalist look. As for Catellani and Smith’s wall lamps, the Stchu wall lamps are some of the most popular ones. These wall lamps come in silver and gold and are made of aluminum. If you have a gold-themed dining room, this wall lamp is perfect for the theme. In addition to the gold Stchu wall lamp, you can place some brass collectibles on the dining room mantelpiece and place a gold and white tablecloth on the dining room table. Some gold-rimmed champagne glasses and tableware may also complement the gold wall lamps. These lamps are great because they don’t take up space and you can use energy-saving light bulbs in the lamps. The Oroflex wall lamp has a futuristic look to it and it’s made of iron, brass and aluminum. The diffuser is lined with gold and the lamp’s base is made of matte satin. This Oroflex wall lamp is excellent for living rooms and foyers because of its’ sophistication and casual look. It also serves as a dimming light so you won’t need to install a dimmer with this fixture. The Oroflex wall lamp is a nice addition to the wall and it doesn’t overpower your room. The Luna wall lamp has a gold diffuser disc with a nickel bulb screen, and this adds elegance to the home in various ways. Catellani and Smith often has light fixtures which resemble solar planets and this is how the Luna wall lamp looks. This fixture works well for a bathroom because it has a subtle and dimming look to it but it still gives enough light for tasks. The Bella Parete wall lamp resembles someone’s lips and it’s made of iron brass. If you own a beauty salon and spa, this wall lamp is a perfect fit. It has a feminine touch but it’s also classy and not over the top.

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