Inspiration. Illumination. Innovation. For more than 15 years, Axo Light USA has been uniting unexpected materials and visionary technologies. The collection represents the transformation of exotic materials into lighting that defines an environment, creates an ambiance and elicits an emotional response.

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Overview - Axo


Axo light is one of the most dynamic companies in the world of Italian design according to the company’s website. Axo Light was founded in 1996 and is especially known for its’ artisan lighting, innovative materials to make the light fixtures and its’ blown glass light fixtures. Axo Light is not content to simply create the usual contemporary lighting but instead they seek to push boundaries in the world of lighting and this is seen in their works. One of Axo light’s best light fixtures is the Ari lights. These handmade lights are recessed spotlights made of glass and are available in red, black or clear crystal. These glass lights would look nice in a room with a red-and-white color scheme, and you can decorate the room around these lights. For example, if you install the red glass recessed lights in your living room, you can purchase a black leather sofa along with some white or red pillows to put on the sofa. Then get a neutral-toned area rug with hints of black to place in front of the sofa along with a red or clear glass coffee table. Axo Light’s Avir light fixtures are double-layered and hand-twisted glass pendant lights that will add elegance to your home. These lights come in colors red, orange, black and orange. If you have a retro-themed bedroom for your teenagers, these light fixtures fit perfectly with the theme of the bedroom. Or if your basement lights are too drab, consider getting these lights to spruce the basement up. The Avir light fixtures are also nice for a contemporary-style foyer and they also work for the kitchen. Axo’s manual Vivian is a collection of industrial-looking but stylish lamps that are made of brass and iron and with a chrome finish. These lamps are excellent for task lighting and they give off adequate lighting. Your bedroom would be a nice area to place these lamps but they would be excellent for the garage or home office since a lot of task lighting is needed for these rooms. To make these lamps your own, you can spray paint these another color to match certain themes in the home. For example, if your kitchen is purple and teal-colored, consider painting the lamp black to tone down the colors in the kitchen. The Balios glass wall lamps are in painted chrome and they look sophisticated enough to fit in most rooms while providing adequate lighting. These glass wall lamps give your home a museum-like feel to it because of the way they’re shaped and it successfully targets your room’s best features. Customers who purchased these glass wall lamps were especially excited about the compliments they received from guests who visited them. Other customers mentioned that these lamps added luxury to certain rooms in the home. The Ball Up blown glass collection is wonderful on the eyes. These blown glass lights come in red and they’re often used as hanging pendant lights. These lights are also very functional and give off adequate lighting for all of your tasks.

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