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  • Using Old World Lighting in Your Home

    Old World lighting is meant to give natural nostalgic tones into modern décor so sensitively, that you would not understand just where the charm of the room is. You could spend hours admiring everything from the furnishing to the light design, but if you really aren't into core designing, distinguishing Old World styles is not that easy! This is why interior designers like to play with such designs in different variations and combinations to add an enigmatic elegance to a room.

    However, people who are buying their own lighting must be aware that interior designing, just like any other form of art, is a professional sense which is developed and learned with training. There is science within art in designing; and aesthetics, room dimensions, color effects, hues, shades, textures, and a million other factors come to play when interior décor is in question. This is why you should be careful before spending any money over special furnishing styles like Old World lighting. It is best to hire a professional interior designer who has the right knowledge and knows the science behind choosing each item for room décor. However, in case you want to try yourself, here are a few tips to getting started -

    Buy a book on Old World designs and styles of all kinds. Learn the aesthetics and scientific charm of these special works of art. Subtly applying designs from yesterday into modern rooms requires some thorough theoretical knowledge of room aesthetics.

    Remember which light to choose for which room. A tall lamp shade in the children's room is just as inappropriate as single hue lampshades! The children's room should have lamps of bright shades and hues, and reflect the life they radiate.

    Not all Old World lighting will look good in a light colored room. Wooden shades and deep tones in the room can also be elevated by using Old World models, and professionals do often set out such unique and wonderful combinations, but this require expertise and experience to pull off.

    The dining room should be always brightly lit, and the bedroom should have soft lighting with table lamps for reading. However, lighting science dictates a certain tone or level of incandescence for each room. A good interior décor book should be able to teach you the basics.

    Always remember the importance of opinions in designing. Whether you're using Old World lighting or modern science – fiction inspired lamps; remember to take the opinions of friends and family members who have a strong natural artistic sense.

  • The Class of Mediterranean Lighting

    Among all the different models of chandeliers available in the market, Tuscany and Mediterranean lights are known to be the most classic kinds. These are made keeping the yesteryears in mind for a nostalgic elegance, along with modern tones and light textures to match modern interiors. Many interior decorators like working with Mediterranean lighting chandeliers because they are so beautiful and yet simple in design. These are all hanging suspension lights or multi lamp chandeliers, and are mostly used for large halls or living rooms.

    Some of the designs can be effectively used in the dining room, which has a tradition for being lit by chandeliers. The reason these are often called Mediterranean lighting is because they come from Italian design trends of asymmetrical geometric shapes and use shades that are bright and eye catching; much like all Italian styles. This is why many Mediterranean designs are known as 'the Ferrari's of designer lighting'. Their bold textures make light reflect very beautifully from the thick glass hangings and this elevates the incandescence level of the entire design. A single bulb's incandescence can be reflected and re-reflected a number of times to greatly increase its radiance. This is one of the most attractive factor of these designs.

    Since this kind of light play is often very difficult to achieve and takes a lot of work to accomplish, most of the Mediterranean designs are very costly. Some models can cost $ 3000 or more. However, just like designer furniture and drapes, spending for your room décor is a choice you will have to make. Emma Pi is one of the most renowned brands who makes Mediterranean lighting chandeliers. Their models are among the most exquisite and are available in a variety of shades and models. From inverted cups, to conical blocks; black sheen, to pastel aesthetics, these designer lights are available in as much variety as they are worth their costs. They are also very scientific and considered among the most eco – friendly kinds of lighting.

    If you want to give your living room, dining room, or study a class of its own with Italian styles and color play like no other, Mediterranean designs like those from Emma Pi are the best choice for you. With unique designs and the most scientific reflection play to elevate the radiance of lights in the room, Mediterranean lighting has an appeal of its own.

  • Characteristics of modern suspension lights

    Modern suspension lights are new ways to add beauty to your living room. Contemporary homes have these suspended lights to make a style statement. It has the characteristics and feel of the chandelier but with little modifications. They are not bulky but yet can run into competition with the chandeliers. They give an elegant and classy look to your house no matter where you install them.

    Often modern suspension lights are found above the dining rooms table. Nowadays, this trend has changed they can be now be placed any where in the house. In the bedroom they give a romantic inspiration . In the living room it will add to giving extra lighting as well as adding to the style statement. They also make great adds to washrooms, in a varandah or even in the foyer it will make a great impact and first impression on guests.

    The lighting system is easily customizable these days because there are numerous options that can be chosen from. There are pendant lights also which add to the beauty of your house. They are suspended with steel ropes, threaded rods or steel mountings. You should keep in mind that they must never be suspended through wired cables. These modern suspension lights have been made in such a way so that they can be adjusted according to the space available. These modern suspension lights have a traditional past but are made after keeping in mind the modern way of looking at style and elegance; they have a very contemporary look involved in them. The lighting can be according to your needs. It can be made dim or bright; the amount of light in the room can be controlled according to one's own liking and suitability. They are a great way of increasing and upgrading your present lighting system.

    Modern suspension lights are a great way of showing your modernity. With the easy availability of the internet you can choose various designs according to your own style and availability of space for its installation. You can give a different look to your house by customizing it with these fixtures. Your sense of style for the choice of them may be appreciated by your friends and give you a sense of pride in having them in your house. These lighting systems are important for providing extra illumination as well as acting as a decorative fixture for the house.

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