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  • Bathroom lighting tips


    Proper bathroom lighting is very important, but most of us never pay any needed attention to it. The only time we really pay much attention is when the bulb has burned off or the lighting is excessively bright or dim for our comfort. It is too bad to see how most homeowners overlook the importance of proper bathroom lighting. Any house cannot survive without a bathroom, and this is the reason why you need to offer the same attention as any other room in the house. In order to achieve this, you need to learn some bathroom lighting tips.

    Large bathrooms obviously demand sufficient lighting when compared to small bathrooms. This means that bathrooms with more rooms will require buying more lighting fixtures. On the other side, smaller bathrooms usually do not need buying a lot of lighting fixtures. Appropriate fixture e.g. a ceiling lamp positioned in a central place on the roof is often enough to illuminate the whole bathroom. Larger bathrooms with multiple shower units will benefit from glowing shower lights placed on the ceiling in the enclosed space of the shower. This is one of the handy bathroom lighting tips that will help generate enough light when in the shower.

    Proper lighting is also vital in the area where vanity mirror is positioned. It is important to be able to have a proper look at yourself through the vanity mirror without restraining your eyes. This not only enhances the image of the room, but also improves the comfort level. In fact, it increases the value of your home especially when you want to resell it. Good bathroom lighting tips will help you cut down the cost. Bathroom fixtures unlike kitchen and living rooms are relatively inexpensive to buy. However, this does not mean that you should make it less priority. Remember it is one of the basic and most frequently used rooms in your house.

    A lot of bathrooms have the worst fixtures. It looks that most homeowners forget that they cannot survive without bathrooms. If you do not notice the poor condition of your bathroom lighting, perhaps this is the right time to do a little bit of upgrade. There are many different types of bathroom lighting tips from catalogues, the magazines that you read, television programs that you like watching and of course the internet. You will discover different types of restroom lighting that can work in your bathroom. You do not need to settle on something of less value. There is a diversity of these lights ranging from traditional to contemporary, from high price to low price.

    Adding shower lights is another important factor that you need to consider. Opting for a dim shower light is a poor choice as the lighting will be inadequate especially above the vanity mirror. Shower lights are usually designed in a simple manner. They are important simply because they assist you seeing what you are doing in the shower. Proper bathroom lighting tips will show you different ways of installing shower lights. If you want to save yourself some money, you may want to opt for energy saving bulbs with smaller watts. It is important to note that energy saving bulbs provide the same light as conventional lights without compromising quality.

    Taking notice to the lighting of your bathroom can help you get a lot of benefits from it. Studies have revealed that proper lighting can have positive impact on efficiency and general moods of the user. This means that paying close attention to your small bathroom illumination scheme is of paramount importance. In fact, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom grooming and brushing to improve your self-confidence. It makes sense to pay close attention to bathroom lighting tips mentioned in this article to help improve lighting quality in your bathroom.               

  • The Guide to Proper Lighting for your Home office

    Today, many people are running their businesses at the comfort of their homes—thanks to the internet advancement. Homeowners have allocated spaces in their homes to construct full-fledged home offices or converted extra rooms for the purpose. A home office is distinct from the basic living room of your home, offering a safe haven that is private, calm and cool, which is an essential factor, particularly when you have small kids jumping up and down the house.

    Lighting for your home office plays a great role in creating right mood and tranquility. It can enhance your home office by creating functional, flexible and gorgeous spaces. 

    Providing the proper lighting for your domestic office is of paramount importance. Sufficient and proper lighting for your home office is essential especially if you are spending extended hours working in an office setting.  Before choosing your central lighting method, you need to consider certain factors. This includes the location of your desk, design of the room, work space and the working time so that you can identify the convenient place for placement of your lighting fixture.

    If you want light for the main work space, you may use floor electrical pipes to prevent clutter of codes and cable that may be inconvenient for your working efficiency. It is also advised to position the lighting scheme in such a way that it is shadow-free. Use lighting lamps that you can hang in a strategic angle and position to give direct light precisely where you need it.

    There are two basic types of lighting that is used in home offices—central lighting and task lighting.

    Central lighting also known as ambient lighting is used to illuminate the entire space or room. Ambient light come from both artificial and natural sources. Artificial sources may include electric bulbs while natural sources may happen to be the day light penetrating through the window.

    Task lighting for your home office is usually flexible and can be directed straight to where it is needed. A spotlight is a perfect example of task lighting. A desk lamp is another nice illustration of a task lighting as it is portable hence flexible. Task lighting is resourceful when you are working on your computer and need to read from other light sources apart from your computer screen. It is important, however, to have a desk lamp that can be adjusted—you definitely don’t want to have the light all the time, the light itself can be disturbing and affect the eyes.

    Another great alternative to desk lamps is pendant-lights. When suspended from the ceiling, they can direct light exactly to where you want it. And you can easily adjust the intensity of the light because excessive light can really destroy your eyesight. Another benefit of using pendant-lights as the main lighting for your home office is the fact that they can easily be matched to your office décor. It doesn’t make sense to go for conventional lamps that doesn’t much with your working desk. In fact, it can be a real turn-off to visitors coming in your office. Rather, you can choose from tons of pendant-lights available in the market. They range from the very simple designs to complex. 

    Indirect lighting for your home office is simply an addition to tasks lights. This type of light is not necessarily for providing light, but can act for decoration purposes as well. In fact, it is intended for decorative purposes. Depending with the design and the size of your home office, you may choose the right lamp for this task. Nevertheless, you should note that you cannot rely on this lighting fixture as the main source of light. 

  • Modern Recessed Lighting


    When you are in the process of designing a home or renovating it, one of the decisions you will need to make is what kind of lighting to get for the home. This is something that has to be thoroughly thought through since it has long term implications. Once you choose a type of lighting, chances are that it might not make sense to change it for a few years. You will essentially be stuck with the kind of lighting you choose for ages before you can get another chance to do a remodel or a renovation of the house, or at least move out of it.

    This essentially means that you need to be critical of the lighting designs you pick. Ideally, you should pick a solution that will give the room the kind of feel you want, be easy to maintain and generally please you. One of the lighting types that you can get and which might work given the above is modern recessed lighting. This type of lighting has been available since the 50s, but it still looks very elegant especially when properly installed. This means that the modern recessed lighting can be thought of as ‘future proof’, since it’s always timeless.

    There are other advantages of getting modern recessed lighting. For one, it can work with any kind of design you have in the home. Some types of lighting are designed in such a manner that they may not match with the interior of the house. This means that unless you change the interior décor, they may look out of place. This is something that does not affect modern recessed lighting, and this is why most interior designers prefer it over other forms of lighting.

    Another very important feature of modern recessed lighting is the fact that it can be installed anywhere. As long as your roof has a flat surface, you can install this type of lighting without any major modification. This also means that it’s cheaper to install compared to other kinds of lighting, and it can be done in a shorter time as well. For a home owner, this spells a lot more convenience compared to other kinds of lighting when it comes to installation.

    The fact that modern recessed lighting is flush with the surface of the walls or the ceiling also makes it an ideal form of lighting when you need your home’s design to have another focal point. When you need a room in your home to have design elements that people should focus on, having lights that are too brash might spoil this effect. Fortunately, recessed lighting is extremely unobtrusive, and this means that you can use it for such purposes.

    Using the latest innovative technologies, recessed lighting seems to be ideal for the contemporary person who loves a fusion of quality, reliability and reduction of costs. It definitely boils down to how passionate you are about quality of lighting fixtures as well as the costs that accompany the same. Understanding what really needs to be done and the kind of recessed lighting you want goes a long way in ensuring that you are not only contented but also get the best possible lighting you could ever hope for.

    In summary, this type of lighting is more than ideal for people who are interested in making a room look elegantly designed. The above are just a few of the features that make them stand out from other kinds of lighting, and which also show that getting them is worth it.

  • Quasar Lighting

    If you are interested in making your home look a lot more interesting, one of the things you need to take note of is the kind of lighting you use for it. The quality of the lighting usually has a dramatic effect on the mood of the room. One of the products that are most useful in making a room have a customized mood is quasar lighting.

    In essence, this is a form of lighting that involves having a number of LED bulbs in a certain formation. The end result normally looks like a structure (usually amorphous) with many points of light in it (which are the LED lamps). There are many benefits of getting this form of lighting including:

    They are the most versatile when it comes to artistic expression

    Most of the other kinds of lighting out there are designed in such a manner that customizing them is not always possible, and if it is it would be limited in scope. This is not the case with quasar lighting. In this kind of lighting, you can have the entire ensemble designed in any way you like. For instance, you could design it to look like a cloud or a cube.

    In addition to that, the fact that LED lights are normally used to make the quasar lighting means that you can get them in any color you want. In fact, there are some manufacturers who design lighting whose color you can change at will. This means that you can then change the mood within the room at will.

    This characteristic makes it most useful for designing a home. When you want to design a room and want the lighting to be of a particular shape, you could get quasar lighting instead of any other kind. The fact that it can be made into any form also means that it’s likely to be easy to find one that you like in a store, since most of the high quality ones stock a wide variety of them.

    It’s cheap to run quasar lighting

    One of the other benefits of using quasar lighting is that it’s cheap to run. The cost of getting them is not high, and you are unlikely to spend a lot of money on energy for them. The fact that they use LED lights means that there is very little energy wastage in the form of heat, so this will not be a problem for you. In addition to that, the fact that current LEDs are normally very long lasting means that you are unlikely to have to replace them any time soon.

    Since the lights don’t produce a lot of energy they are likely to be very comfortable as well. You won’t need to worry about overheating even if you use a quasar lighting arrangement that has many LED bulbs in it.

    With these factors in mind, it’s easy to see that both the long term and short term costs of running the lights is not as high as most people would imagine.

    In summary, this type of lighting is a very good idea if you are interested in making your room feel a lot more classy. The fact that not many people might be familiar with quasar lighting also means that when you get a set, you are likely to end up making your home or room feel unique compared to most of the other designs out there. Despite all the major benefits of quasar lighting above, it’s possible to find them at a very reasonable price. All you have to do is find a trusted store to buy them from.

  • Hallmarks of Hollywood Regency Interior Design

    If you are looking for a regal looking glam look that still keeps modern sense of style without too much tacky, then Hollywood Regency is definitely a style for you. This style is making a comeback, with its focus on attention to detail, clean, and shiny, glitzy and silky looks. Glamour is juxtaposed against elegance in a style that was once a hallmark of the past that now has new life in more modern homes.

    This is a style of the past, that emerged in the 1930s with the golden age of Hollywood. Hollywood stars hired interior designers to decorate their homes with luxury and elegance. Nowadays, the style isn’t for the rich and famous anymore, a modern twist on this antique design is popular among everyone, with Hollywood Regency furniture and home accessories beginning to sell, fueled by popular designers endorsing the design. The design is accessible to anyone, now that lower-budget pieces and design elements are available in many interior design stores and online.

    So what makes Hollywood Regency such a great style? The details. Fringe on carpets and curtains, glass beads on fan pulls, embroidered cushions, chandeliers—there is a little detail of elegance in everything. Hollywood Regency works well with modernized décor as well, those little black-and-white embroidered cushions working well off the solid, bold colors of a Modern decorated room.

    Hollywood Regency is also a great style for those who love antiquing, as taking something old and making it new again is a hallmark of the style. Find some old silver candlesticks in an antique store, polish them up, fit new candles in them, and place them on a dining room table. Find an old chair, get it reupholstered and maybe refinished, and you have another piece for your Hollywood Regency-decorated room.

    So what are some ways you can make your home more Hollywood Regency style without forking over a lot of cash?

    There are a few ways. Go to your local fabric store and find some elegant embroidered fabric, and make new curtains, or furniture slipcovers. Make some new pillows. Go to a craft store to buy some fringe and sew it on your curtains. Lacquered furniture is a hallmark of Hollywood Regency style, so you can buy spray-on lacquer for your furniture and do it yourself at home. Purchasing used furniture and remaking it in the style is another way to reuse and transform into something new.

    When buying furniture, smaller is better for Hollywood Regency style. Go for the loveseat instead of the large sofa. Unlike today’s modern designs, furniture was not the centerpiece of the style, so smaller is better. There is no one central theme in Hollywood Regency, so it’s best to design for yourself and see what works for you, as long as everything has that overreaching elegance that is the hallmark of the style.

    Hollywood Regency has made comeback in the younger generation, due to the ease of obtaining pieces from thrift shops and secondhand stores. The style is easy, doesn’t all need to match one central theme, and can be done for relatively cheap as long as some elbow grease is put in. It is predicted that as the younger generation grows older, this style will become more and more popular. When looking at the style, with its undercurrent of elegance and almost-fairy tale like yearning for better days, it is easy to see why its so popular, when it’s a great way to add that glamour and glitz to any home. It meshes well with more modern styles, and incredibly relaxing and comforting in its own way.

  • Contemporary Bedroom Design

    Bedroom Design

    What is a contemporary or modern bedroom?

    Sure, it’s easy to define what a modern or contemporary kitchen or bathroom is. But with a modern bedroom, you are set up with a few dilemmas. Good news is though it may seem like this, it isn’t actually the case. With the same principles applied to bathroom and kitchen design, you can apply these same principles to bedroom design. Because we spend a majority of our time in our bedrooms, proper design of these spaces is of the most importance.  Modern design in a bedroom is all about the same principles that are applied with kitchen and bathroom design. That is space and lines, and not just that, but also colors that are more subdued when they need to be.

    Contemporary design is also about equal design. It is about two pictures on a wall that are almost exact in design, but different in color. This is the essence of contemporary bedroom design. When you are in your bedroom, you are in your secure place, an island away from all the drama and danger of the world. And in a modern or contemporary bedroom, you are in a safe place like no other. A space that is truly a space, where you don’t feel suffocated.

    Because when you are in your bedroom, you don’t ever want to stop the day that was happening but your bedroom represents an opportunity to put your day on pause, and read a book, watch a good television show, or just go to sleep and get some rest. Because the reason your bedroom is there is to provide comfort, and the reason contemporary bedroom is so important is because of the space and comfort it can provide for the people that are looking for the comfort and safety. 

    When you are thinking of doing contemporary bedroom design, you are thinking of space. From the vertical, to the horizontal, it is all about the space you can gain. That is what modern design is all about. Though it may not seem important., it is absolutely important to the comfort of all involved. From the bed that sits lower than you might initially expect, to the exposed closet, and large windows. Contemporary bedroom design is all about comfort and safety, or at least the feeling of it. When looking for idea for a comfortable modern bedroom design, always think of the lighting and space you are looking for. When you look at these things first, you will end up with a design that can’t be competed with. Modern bedroom design will lift you up when you need a lifting, and will give you a space to read that book you have always wanted to read.

    Because of the space that is saved in contemporary bedroom design, you are able to include things that wouldn’t be implemented in traditional bedroom design. From large windows that allow a large amount of natural light, to large bookshelves, and a nice entertainment system that works into your modern bedroom design.

    So looking at the things that have been said thus far, it is important to consider that space is the most important thing in contemporary bedroom design. After that comes lighting. When you implement lighting more effectively in modern bedroom design, you create a space that is more appealing to you, and to your spouse. You also add a value to your house that you can’t find in any other way. Because in modern bedroom design the most important thing is the person that is inhabiting the space that is being designed, or being redesigned.

    With contemporary bedroom design, the most important thing is the needs of yourself. Just keep that in mind.

  • 7 Major Interior Design Trends 2013

    7 Major Design Trends 2013

    Each year there are elements of home décor that come in and out of style. This year, there are a couple of trends that will come back in style that have not been a big seller for a little while. Some of the trending items will surprise you; however, and it is important to be aware of these items so that you know what to look out for to augment your home design with.

    The interior design trends 2013 include: brass, elaborate and elegant design, gloss finish, increase of art pieces, bright colors for paint, antique furniture, and relaxed kitchens.

    Here are some of the ways that you can incorporate these elements of interior design in to your personal style.


    A really big décor trend a couple of years ago, and it is finally coming back in style for homeowners of today. There are a number of ways for you to incorporate brass in to the look of your home. One big way is in the kitchen.

    If you have a hood over your stovetop you could make the hood brass and use it as an accent piece.  Also, light covers, picture frames, and small appliances can come in brass to accent the home.  On top of brass coming back in to the picture, the design of the home in general is moving from modern, simple, and basic, to a more elaborate and elegant design.  It is safe to say that home design is moving toward a Victorian or vintage style design.  This means that art will be more elaborate and furniture or bedding will be more likely to have print now than in previous years.  People are moving toward choosing pieces that they love now, instead of pieces that will transcend time forever.


    Another interior design trend for 2013 is the gloss finish.  For many years now, there has been a huge trend of having everything in the home be a matte or satin finish.  Gloss finish was considered to be dead; however, now it is making a come back.  

    Expect to see items like bed frames, art, lampshades, decorative bookbinding, etc. in a glossy finish. This is a daring move, however, since metallic colors are technically a neutral, many gloss in moderation will become a staple part of home design as well.

    Art Pieces

    In 2013, you will notice an increase of meaningful art around the homes of trendy interior design fanatics.

    There was a trend for a long time to have art in moderation or in a limited amount, however, now people are being pushed to invest in art.

    Bright Colors

    You will see an increase in the amount of art accenting the walls and shelves of homes. Beige was the name of the game for wall paint for many years; however, in 2013 you will see a huge contrast to this way of decorating. Bright and bold is the trend for wall paint in 2013.  Home design is all about color and bold statement design.  Whether it is just an accent wall, or the entire room, expect to be amazed by the brightness of the walls in 2013.

    Antique Furniture

    Alongside the thread of moving away from simple and basic, furniture trends will now be moving toward antique furniture design.  No more industrial production of basic pieces for a lot of people. Now the public that is interested in interior design trends will be looking for furniture with elaborate and intricate, antique design.  

    Relaxed Kitchens

    Finally, the last big interior design trend for 2013 is the relaxed kitchen.  People are no longer only congregating around the table or the TV anymore.  Many people host friends and family in the kitchen while they are cooking, and this has created a push for the kitchen area to be more relaxed and comfortable.

    Do not miss out on these awesome interior design trends for 2013!

  • Contemporary Lighting with Black and White


    modern lighting for black and white


    Black and white, although they are contrasting in nature, always work in harmony. Combined, these colors have something dramatic and exciting. Neither of them is considered a color. They are therefore referred to as non-colors, or achromatic colors. Black and white, as different as they may be, both signify elegance, noblesse and luxury. Whether in the roaring 20s or in the jazzy 80s – following the colorful 60s and brown 70s – black and white appear as trendy colors time and time again. The “achromatic colors” represented the bourgeoisie in the late medieval ages where every class had its “color”. The nobility was characterized by color, as well as silver and gold, while the common people wore brown and grey, leaving black and white to the middle class. Whether in fashion, interior architecture or design, black and white are classic and modern at the same time. Timeless simplicity. With these non-colors you can never go wrong. Decorating your living space in a fashionable and fancy way is easy with black and white design articles, furniture and modern lighting.


    Black Magic

    Mysterious, impenetrable and melancholy, black, in our culture, stands for mourning, night and emptiness, but is also is a fancy and erotic “color”. Designers and architects especially love black. It is the cool and distinct color of the avant-garde and of the existentialists, as well as the punk scene. Just about anyone who represents individualism and seeks to distance himself somewhat from the “norm” has an appreciation for black. Inside a building, it can make the space seem confined as it swallows the light. On the other hand, dark tones can provide comfort. One should be “gentle” with black, as it is not suitable as a room color. Black interior design objects give a classy feel, such as a matte black finish or a black piano varnish. Interestingly, black objects are typically considered to have higher intrinsic value, while orange for example is perceived by many as a “cheap” color. Black makes other colors shine, which is specifically true with warm colors.


    Pure and Innocent

    White represents purity, innocence and perfection. But as with many things, the cultural environment has a big influence on a color’s meaning. While in western society the bride is dressed in all white, in many other countries white is the color of mourning. Psychological experiments have shown clear results: most associate white with honesty, functionality, modernism and objectivity. Not much can be done wrong in using white when decorating a living space. White rooms appear bigger, lighter and brighter. White is the number one wall color and is a very popular choice in interior design applications. At this year’s Furniture Convention in Cologne, white was confirmed to be a popular trend color once again. Too much white, however, gives off a cold and sterile vibe. Therefore, it should be combined with bright, warm colors or with black. If color is taking over your space, white can bring clarity (also inside your head). What holds true for furniture and wall color also applies to white lamps. They comply with the room and remain discreet. White walls are also the ideal area for projecting colorful LED-light.

    At Lighting55.com we have a large selection of contemporary lighting to achieve the modern look that is associated with white and black. Browse our selections and you’ll see how much flair you can create in a white room with black tones and the appropriate light fixtures.

  • Indirect and Direct Lighting techniques

    direct lighting and indirect lighting

    Indirect and Direct Lighting techniques

     In terms of lighting, nothing is more pleasing to the eye than indirect lighting due to it's ability to create beautiful moods in any surrounding.  This is probably why it is one of the most popular types of light.


     Beautiful Mood Lighting

     Indirect lighting and direct lighting go hand in hand. Yin and Yang.  Indirect light is very pleasant to the eyes, and if done right, can control the mood of the room. There are many different wall lights and ceiling lights that help with this. You can even try placing a floor lamp in the corner to spread some more light around and have it compliment a pendant light with a focus on a table.

     Discovering the perfect location for indirect light

     What is the best way to use indirect light? Nature has provided us natural indirect light but only in limited areas.  Indirect light is best used to fill a room either with ceiling lamps that throw light all around or wall sconces that throw the light up in a way that the light bounces and reflects off objects and makes rooms appear bigger and larger. This kind of light works well with spaces but not for reading or working.

    If you use only indirect light in your space, it will create a low sense of contrast and the room will feel not quite as big. Indirect lighting should always be combined with other forms of light and light sources, for example the direct light of a pendant lamp.

    This will create contrast and help brighten up the mood you are looking for.  It is also very important to save energy by using dimmable light sources that can compliment your space.

     Just flood the ceiling

     Floor lamps without a top diffuser or reflector are known as uplights. These luminaries are great because they project the light upwards, scattering light across the ceiling.  This is useful for brightening up rooms. Some models of floor lamps can be swiveled and and down simultaneously to fit many many needs such as indirect or direct lighting, or both!  Some floor and ceiling lamps come with an additional arm that is usually adjustable that provides direct light for reading.  Indirect light can be used in any room and even outdoors to provide mood lighting.  Wall and ceiling lights can be used to brighten up rooms and make them feel more cheerier by brightening up the wall or ceiling.

     If the light does not dazzle…

     Another reason indirect lighting is so popular is because it is relatively easy on the eyes due to the fact that the light is mainly reflecting on surfaces around us and bouncing back.  One thing to look out for though is reflected glare.  this occurs when the light meets reflective surfaces such as mirrors or shiny objects and can make it difficult to see.  Glare is known to impair visual acuity and also visual comfort.  Therefore indirect light works best on non reflective surfaces such as matte surfaces. Direct lighting can me used to offset the amount of glare for light reflecting off surfaces.  Are you falling in love with indirect light yet?

     Tip: Indirect lighting is best used on bright walls, to get the maximum amount of highest reflection rate.  You should consider using direct light on dark surfaces for best performance vs. energy consumption.


    direct and indirect lighting

     Working together: Indirect and Direct lighting 

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