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  • Shivani's favorite lights

    Although I have no formal knowledge or experience with lighting and designing, I wouldn't consider myself to be completely alien to it and can comment about the subject from the viewpoint of a consumer. Browsing through the Lighting55 website, I came across various lighting brands and viewed the specifications of a good many. What impressed me the most about this website was that all of the brands had something unique and exclusive to offer. None of the brands I checked had overlapping designs and items. This made the viewing experience overall very satisfying and not at all tedious, as would be the case with various other distributors. One of the brands that I would prefer is Louis Poulsen Lights. I found their lighting statements the most exceptional, and I think they would be very efficient in "providing ambiance to people and architecture". Although I may not be aware of other technical aspects involved I would prefer this relatively new brand over others for it provides the right blend of elegance and simplicity. It is not very extravagant in itself and would give a very somber feel to the ambiance. Even without being flashy, I am certain that it would attract the attention of a good many.

    Shivani R. from Maharashtra

  • Tyler's favorite lights

    The Axo brand of lighting is my favorite of all the other lighting brands shown on the Lighting55 website. It is very unique and colorful. I feel as though the art that was incorporated in the lighting fixtures was very different than the other schemes used to create the light fixtures of the other brands. None of the light fixtures of the Axo brand were lights that you could pass by in a room without doing a double take or stopping to examine them. It seems as if some of the designs in the light fixtures were culture based, and this is a phenomenal, artistic way to show culture through lights. I appreciate the fact that the light fixtures seem to influence a particular mood and/or theme with their existence. All of the light fixtures in the Axo brand are very upscale and modern, which are traits of decor that I am very drawn to and am planning on incorporating in my first home. I really like the versatility of the fixtures and that they could possibly be used in many settings such as a home, an adult party, a club, a wedding, and much more. The styles that are presented through this brand are very beautiful and elegant and do not limit what other decor may exist within the same vicinity; this is very convenient when considering what kind of furniture and other artistic elements a home owner may want to place in their living area.

    Tyler T. from Virginia

  • Courtney's favorite lights

    My favorite lighting brand that Lighting55 carries is Emme Pi Lighting. Whether simply a wall sconce or a table light, quality and detail is guaranteed. All lighting fixtures by Emme Pi are not only sensible, but they carry a contemporary elegance that make it into a work of art too. I have noticed that in all of their pieces, there is an element of great detail that lures in a buyer like myself. Take the 6030 PL1 Ceiling Light for an example: it has the classic idea of a lampshade, but they have reinvented it by turning it upside-down and adding a contemporary style chandelier underneath. While all of their products appeal to me, my absolute favorite piece is the 3050 A/ A4 Wall Sconce. I love it because it has a splash of color, symmetry, and glimmer and detail, but the design still manages to have an element of simplicity to it. Emme Pi's lighting fixtures are better off called art and that is why it is my favorite company.

    Courtney D. from Oklahoma

  • Savannah's favorite lights

    The brand that I chose, I first based off the look and design of the logo. The most appealing logo I found was by Escale. By no surprise I found the products that they have are similarly aesthetically pleasing, and just as classy as the way that their logo apeals. I enjoy that their products are simple yet bold and would make a boring room sing. One of my favorite products is the Crystal Rain Rectangular Ceiling Light. I find that I am fascinated with the way the lighting perfectly hits the little crystals really making it look like rain. It is a simple thing but it would add so much to a room with almost no effort. If I was to design and decorate a room or house, I would have no problem adding features by just putting lights by Escale in a room.

    Savannah S. from California

  • Jordan's favorite lights

    Manamana lighting caught my eye because it has an awesome name. That's honestly the reason it was the first brand I clicked on to find out about. But after looking at its page, I was sold by how beautiful each of the designs were, and that the company produces energy efficient lights for nearly every appliance as well.

    All of the lamps provide an interesting and futuristic sight for anyone that would look at them. I really like the sleek, white color, which really helps to compliment any space. The ceiling lights in particular are really great, too, and being a big science fiction fan, floating silver orbs for house lights (Oh! Suspension 7 Lights M) is pretty awesome.

    Jordan B. from North Carolina

  • Dhruva's favorite lights

    Please note that my university education is in engineering and I have no particular knowledge of lighting or lighting design. That being said, I hope that my input is at least slightly useful as it is coming from more of a consumer's perspective.

    After browsing the various brand options, I decided that my favorite was the brand K.B. Form. Aesthetically speaking, their designs are quite sleek, but still unassuming and minimalist. This, to me, means they are more likely to integrate nicely into a pre-existing living room or bedroom setup. Many of their designs are simple rectangular lamps with square or rounded corners. These are likely to be more accessible to customers with little experience in interior design (such as myself). I imagine it unlikely that their products would mesh poorly with a given interior, compared to the more bold lighting brands on your site such as Next Lighting.

    The selling point for K.B. Form (to me) was their floor lamps, which are either height-adjustable or directional. When I say directional, I mean that the light is purposefully projected only in one direction. Examples of this are the Bastobianco 50 floor lamp and Bastocolore 70/4 floor lamp on your website. This is a fantastic feature which I see is missing from a lot of the other brands.

    Obviously, lighting is needed most in the evenings and at night time. However, it is now very well documented that excessive exposure to lighting late at night can disrupt the body's natural sleep cycle. In particular, exposure to the blue wavelengths of light inhibit the body's ability to produce melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone. Since learning about this several years ago, I have made several adjustments to my computer and lighting habits, and made great leaps in my sleep quality. After sunset, I now aim to keep my lights as soft and low to the ground as possible, while still being able to work and operate comfortably. I also actively avoid looking directly at light sources near bed time, and I have my lights cycle on and off on a timer. All of these things are features which are enabled by K.B. Form's floor lamps. The directional floor lamps mean that I can turn them on and off without having to hurt my eyes by looking straight at them. I love the idea of facing them against a wall so that they provide just enough lighting at night time.

    Thus, I think the products of K.B. Form are highly functional for those late-night workers like myself. I also think their sleek and unassuming designs will fit well with a large number of interiors.

    Dhruva N. from Ontario

  • Akerria's favorite lights

    After browsing through the different specialized lights I found it extremely difficult to pick just one because there are so many amazing pieces. If I had to pick just one I believe it would have to be the 18 Angel falls suspension light. I love this piece because I have personally never seen anything like it as far as lighting goes. This is a very unique piece that I believe can compliment any room in any home. I can definitely see it being the center piece of attention. I also like that even though it is not your ordinary lamp, it is not overly busy in its design and would not distract from the overall decorum of the room. The fact that a person can get 12, 18, or even a 24 piece Angel light is very convenient for an apartment or a house. I see from the products that are offered on your web site that your company offers consumers the tools to truly customize their homes the way they want them to be. I can definitely see myself as a potential future customer. That is of course once I finish school and am actually working in my field.

    Akerria W. from Michigan

  • Conrad's favorite lights

    I really like the Itre brand lighting. There were two products that really caught my eye; one floor lamp and one table lamp. I really like this brand because the designs of the lamps is original and unique. Being one who wants to be an engineer and is currently working on design, I think that coming up with ideas that aren't traditional truly are awesome.

    Conrad C. from Utah

  • Jaclyn's favorite lights

    Looking through the several lighting brands listed on your website, I was drawn to the brand Leucos. I was really attracted to the unique designs that this company has used on all their lighting fixtures. The images provided with the lamp fixtures on the site demonstrated how innovative and unique the lamp fixtures really are. Specifically, the Sphera T3/20 Table Lamp, although termed as a table lamp, was shown as a short light fixture positioned on the floor. The light shone brightly and reflected off the furniture, putting a lot of the attention on the design of the room, as opposed to the practicality of a simple light fixture. Their company mission clearly centers around contemporary design, and this is shown not only through their product design but also by how they envision the fixture in the context of a contemporary room design.

    Another factor that really stood out was the materials used. Many of the lamp shades use handcrafted glass, titanium, and chrome. Further, the color palette for these materials is simple, clean, and sohpisticaled. Simplicity allows for the lighting fixture to accentuate the room functionality. In other words the focus, yet again, is being placed on the room and the ambiance. I think that this is key with lighting, and that any distraction away from the room and ambiance reflects badly on the lighting.

    Jaclyn A. from Ohio

  • Victoria's favorite lights

    The lighting brand that I chose as my favorite is Slamp Lighting. The first thing that I noticed was the logo and name of the brand. To me, Slamp was the first name that really caught my eye and seemed to be the one that made me actually think of lighting. The logo is not too over the top and it easy to read which might be somewhat trivial but there is nothing worse than not being sure of the name of the brand because the logo is too eccentric.
    They products are original but they are not limited to any type of person. They are somewhat modern but even people who would like more conservative or traditional products can find something that they enjoy. There is also a variety of options to choose from; you can pick anything from chandeliers to wall sconces to floor lamps. Some of the ceiling lights have incredible designs and I could honestly sit and stare at them and the detail that must go into creating one. There is something for everyone in Slamp.

    Victoria W. from Florida

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