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  • Using Old World Lighting in Your Home

    Old World lighting is meant to give natural nostalgic tones into modern décor so sensitively, that you would not understand just where the charm of the room is. You could spend hours admiring everything from the furnishing to the light design, but if you really aren't into core designing, distinguishing Old World styles is not that easy! This is why interior designers like to play with such designs in different variations and combinations to add an enigmatic elegance to a room.

    However, people who are buying their own lighting must be aware that interior designing, just like any other form of art, is a professional sense which is developed and learned with training. There is science within art in designing; and aesthetics, room dimensions, color effects, hues, shades, textures, and a million other factors come to play when interior décor is in question. This is why you should be careful before spending any money over special furnishing styles like Old World lighting. It is best to hire a professional interior designer who has the right knowledge and knows the science behind choosing each item for room décor. However, in case you want to try yourself, here are a few tips to getting started -

    Buy a book on Old World designs and styles of all kinds. Learn the aesthetics and scientific charm of these special works of art. Subtly applying designs from yesterday into modern rooms requires some thorough theoretical knowledge of room aesthetics.

    Remember which light to choose for which room. A tall lamp shade in the children's room is just as inappropriate as single hue lampshades! The children's room should have lamps of bright shades and hues, and reflect the life they radiate.

    Not all Old World lighting will look good in a light colored room. Wooden shades and deep tones in the room can also be elevated by using Old World models, and professionals do often set out such unique and wonderful combinations, but this require expertise and experience to pull off.

    The dining room should be always brightly lit, and the bedroom should have soft lighting with table lamps for reading. However, lighting science dictates a certain tone or level of incandescence for each room. A good interior décor book should be able to teach you the basics.

    Always remember the importance of opinions in designing. Whether you're using Old World lighting or modern science – fiction inspired lamps; remember to take the opinions of friends and family members who have a strong natural artistic sense.

  • The Class of Mediterranean Lighting

    Among all the different models of chandeliers available in the market, Tuscany and Mediterranean lights are known to be the most classic kinds. These are made keeping the yesteryears in mind for a nostalgic elegance, along with modern tones and light textures to match modern interiors. Many interior decorators like working with Mediterranean lighting chandeliers because they are so beautiful and yet simple in design. These are all hanging suspension lights or multi lamp chandeliers, and are mostly used for large halls or living rooms.

    Some of the designs can be effectively used in the dining room, which has a tradition for being lit by chandeliers. The reason these are often called Mediterranean lighting is because they come from Italian design trends of asymmetrical geometric shapes and use shades that are bright and eye catching; much like all Italian styles. This is why many Mediterranean designs are known as 'the Ferrari's of designer lighting'. Their bold textures make light reflect very beautifully from the thick glass hangings and this elevates the incandescence level of the entire design. A single bulb's incandescence can be reflected and re-reflected a number of times to greatly increase its radiance. This is one of the most attractive factor of these designs.

    Since this kind of light play is often very difficult to achieve and takes a lot of work to accomplish, most of the Mediterranean designs are very costly. Some models can cost $ 3000 or more. However, just like designer furniture and drapes, spending for your room décor is a choice you will have to make. Emma Pi is one of the most renowned brands who makes Mediterranean lighting chandeliers. Their models are among the most exquisite and are available in a variety of shades and models. From inverted cups, to conical blocks; black sheen, to pastel aesthetics, these designer lights are available in as much variety as they are worth their costs. They are also very scientific and considered among the most eco – friendly kinds of lighting.

    If you want to give your living room, dining room, or study a class of its own with Italian styles and color play like no other, Mediterranean designs like those from Emma Pi are the best choice for you. With unique designs and the most scientific reflection play to elevate the radiance of lights in the room, Mediterranean lighting has an appeal of its own.

  • Bathroom lighting tips


    Proper bathroom lighting is very important, but most of us never pay any needed attention to it. The only time we really pay much attention is when the bulb has burned off or the lighting is excessively bright or dim for our comfort. It is too bad to see how most homeowners overlook the importance of proper bathroom lighting. Any house cannot survive without a bathroom, and this is the reason why you need to offer the same attention as any other room in the house. In order to achieve this, you need to learn some bathroom lighting tips.

    Large bathrooms obviously demand sufficient lighting when compared to small bathrooms. This means that bathrooms with more rooms will require buying more lighting fixtures. On the other side, smaller bathrooms usually do not need buying a lot of lighting fixtures. Appropriate fixture e.g. a ceiling lamp positioned in a central place on the roof is often enough to illuminate the whole bathroom. Larger bathrooms with multiple shower units will benefit from glowing shower lights placed on the ceiling in the enclosed space of the shower. This is one of the handy bathroom lighting tips that will help generate enough light when in the shower.

    Proper lighting is also vital in the area where vanity mirror is positioned. It is important to be able to have a proper look at yourself through the vanity mirror without restraining your eyes. This not only enhances the image of the room, but also improves the comfort level. In fact, it increases the value of your home especially when you want to resell it. Good bathroom lighting tips will help you cut down the cost. Bathroom fixtures unlike kitchen and living rooms are relatively inexpensive to buy. However, this does not mean that you should make it less priority. Remember it is one of the basic and most frequently used rooms in your house.

    A lot of bathrooms have the worst fixtures. It looks that most homeowners forget that they cannot survive without bathrooms. If you do not notice the poor condition of your bathroom lighting, perhaps this is the right time to do a little bit of upgrade. There are many different types of bathroom lighting tips from catalogues, the magazines that you read, television programs that you like watching and of course the internet. You will discover different types of restroom lighting that can work in your bathroom. You do not need to settle on something of less value. There is a diversity of these lights ranging from traditional to contemporary, from high price to low price.

    Adding shower lights is another important factor that you need to consider. Opting for a dim shower light is a poor choice as the lighting will be inadequate especially above the vanity mirror. Shower lights are usually designed in a simple manner. They are important simply because they assist you seeing what you are doing in the shower. Proper bathroom lighting tips will show you different ways of installing shower lights. If you want to save yourself some money, you may want to opt for energy saving bulbs with smaller watts. It is important to note that energy saving bulbs provide the same light as conventional lights without compromising quality.

    Taking notice to the lighting of your bathroom can help you get a lot of benefits from it. Studies have revealed that proper lighting can have positive impact on efficiency and general moods of the user. This means that paying close attention to your small bathroom illumination scheme is of paramount importance. In fact, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom grooming and brushing to improve your self-confidence. It makes sense to pay close attention to bathroom lighting tips mentioned in this article to help improve lighting quality in your bathroom.               

  • Using Accent and Display Lights to Lighten Up Your World

    Until recently, lighting has always been used mainly for illumination purposes. This however changed when individuals discovered that lighting could also be used to add aesthetic value to living spaces.

    Accent and display lights were initially used to light up sidewalks due to their subtle light. Their use has however evolved and they are also being used mainly for decorative purposes and to draw attention to specific objects and focal points within the home such as sculptures, paintings, house plants and any valued possessions.

    As such, you can use this type of lighting on a specific wall where you hang your paintings or install them in antique cabinets to highlight specific pieces.  In addition, you can also use accent and display lights to emphasize the texture of a wall or the landscape of your garden. Apart from creating an aesthetic feel in the home, accent and display lights can also be used to set a certain mood within the home.

    To get the best effect with accent and display lights, you will either have to reduce the amount of light emitted by your focal lighting option or increase the concentration of light emitted by your accent and display lights. Whichever the case, your accent and display lights must emit three times the amount of light produced by your focal lights for maximum visual effect.

    With accent and display lights, you can get a variety of fixtures to choose from ranging from recessed wall fixtures, track lighting and wall mounted lights. You can thus place your accent and display light fixtures anywhere and however you deem fit.  You can choose the type of accent and display light fixture you want depending on your needs. For instance, some light fixtures can be used together with other light sources such as lamps and sconces. Once you decide on the type of light fixture to use for your accent and display lights, you can have them fitted into bookshelves, ceilings, on walls or under cabinet and above or below a painting or a frame.

    The best thing about accent and display lights is that you will not be limited to using them in one specific space as they can be used both indoors and outdoors, with the outdoor ones being placed on the ground or on exterior walls of your house. The forms of accent and display lights available in the market include fiber optic lights, low-voltage halogen lights, metal halides, and LED lights.

    Given that accent and display lights are best suited for small rooms you can also use them in larger rooms but you will have to place them in one specific area of your living space to enable you achieve maximum visual impact. As such, you can place the accent and display lights on one wall in case you want the wall mounted fixtures or on one specific cabinet or bookshelf.

    The lighting of your home should be your uppermost concern. If you are hell bent on achieving maximum visual impact, accent display lighting is all that you need to achieve your objective. However, you need to be very particular about the retail or online stores you get this kind of lighting fixtures if you are to get value for your money. Do an extensive research, seek opinions and inadvertently make a choice that you can live with for many years to come.

    With accent and display lights, you can never go wrong as they will essentially help you to create the exact mood you want while creating an aesthetic appeal to your living space.

  • Buying Modern Ceiling Lights: Choosing What You Want Arbitrarily Could Make You Get Poor Value for Money

    Using modern ceiling lights to light up a room is usually a very good thing to do if you are interested in making a room look more elegant. However, there are times when things might go terribly wrong if you take the wrong approach when installing them. For instance, the use of low quality skill to install the modern ceiling lights could result in a worse effect than you had anticipated, and this could count as a loss on your side. To prevent this, you need to be a bit more careful when planning to install these kinds of lights in your home. Some of the things that are likely to reduce the chances of disappointment include:

    Getting a designer to help you figure out which lights to buy

    When you have decided to use modern ceiling lights, the next step would be to figure out which lights to get and how to use them. Of course, you could simply walk into a store and ask the attendants to give you specific kinds of lights, and then install them. The problem with this is that most of the time, you are likely to end up with an effect that you will not be happy with.

    When you work with an interior designer at this stage, the chances of your efforts failing are reduced. They will ask you for information such as what kind of look you want to achieve, and then give you information on what types of lights to get to get this look. Some of the information they are likely to offer include the specific types of modern ceiling lights to get as well as how to install them. This way, your shopping will be much easier, since you will know exactly what to get and how much of it to buy as well.

    Buying from a store with a lot of variety

    When you have decided on which modern ceiling lights to get, it would be wise to buy from a store with a lot of variety in their inventory. This makes it a lot easier to get the lights that you need, or at least lights that closely match what you want. Buying online is normally a good way to do this, since it makes it easier to access different stores at the same time to find what you need. A store such as Interior Deluxe is well laid out and has lots of stuff on offer, so you can easily shop in it to find what you need. They also offer excellent prices on the modern ceiling lights, so you won’t have to break the bank in order to buy what you want.

    In summary, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that buying such lights should not be arbitrary. You should make every effort to make sure that you find out exactly what will work, and then buying it at the lowest price possible. This is the only way you are likely to get very good value for money. Contentment, affordability, unique designs and getting value for money is all you need to ensure you get the right lighting for your ceiling. Do good research, find out which stores offer not only quality but are also affordable. Inadvertently, also take into account your own tastes and preference, the reputation of a particular store and how lighting from them will accentuate your living room appearance. In the end, your satisfaction lies in how well you make an informed decision.

  • Alternative lighting options to substitute the end of incandescent lamps

    With the constant need to save on energy, world governments have essentially put measures to bring an end to the use of incandescent lamps since they use up a lot of energy, thereby resulting in wastage. As such, most governments have prohibited further production, sale and importation of incandescent lamps. On the flipside however, the end of incandescent lamps has resulted in the use of energy efficient lighting options and essentially saving on energy.

    The end of incandescent lamps started in Venezuela and Brazil in 2005 with the European Union, Australia and Switzerland following suit in 2009 after the Energy Independence and Security Act (2007) that was formulated in the United States mandated that all bulbs have 27% efficiency and the incandescent lamps did not meet the said criteria. Other world countries are also following suit and are essentially scheduling to also bring an end to the use of incandescent lamps in the near future by providing individuals with more energy saving options.

    Reasons for the gradual phasing out of the incandescent lamp:

    The end of incandescent lamps mainly came about due to the following reasons.

    They use up a lot of energy.

    Incandescent lamps require a lot of energy to work and barely convert the energy they use into light. Rather, most of the energy used is converted and emitted in the form of heat resulting in wastage of about 90% of the energy used by these lamps. This essentially results in use of more electricity and emission of more pollutants into the atmosphere.

    They have a shorter life span

    The end of incandescent lamps came about mainly because most incandescent lamps have a shorter life span compared to other lighting options i.e. fluorescent lamps and LED lights. This is mainly due to the fact that they emit a lot of heat which essentially damages the lamp’s filament.

    They have limited lighting color options

    Most incandescent lamps have a low color temperature thus resulting in the production of an orange light. This essentially limits an individual’s options when it comes to using lighting as a décor option since these lamps do not have a wider color temperature range.

    Alternatives to incandescent lamps

    Halogen lamps

    The end of incandescent lamps has resulted in the use of halogen lamps because they are more efficient and have been manufactured to last for up to 2000 hours besides producing superior light quality and low carbon (IV) oxide emissions compared to most standard incandescent lamps.

    Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)

    These lamps use between a fifth and a third of electric power and have a longer life span compared to incandescent lamps and last up to fifteen times longer than most standard incandescent lamps. In addition, they use up 80% less energy and have lower carbon (IV) oxide emissions in addition to being more versatile and producing better light quality.

    Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps

    LED lamps are among the best options to replace the incandescent lamps since they can be used for both special purpose and general function lighting options. These lamps do not contain any mercury or produce fading ultra violet rays and are thus a safe lighting option since they do not have any health hazards. In addition, they have a long life span and do not produce carbon (IV) oxide emissions when in use.

    Given the disadvantages of incandescent lamps, it is without doubt that they need to be phased out and replaced with more energy saving options such as halogen lamps, CFL and LED lamps all of which have a longer life span and emit lower levels of carbon (IV) oxide.

  • Cost Saving Methods When Using Hotel Lighting

    When you are interested in getting hotel lighting, one of the issues you need to be very keen on is how to keep the cost of lighting down. You need to remember that for the most part, such facilities tend to use a lot of lights. This means that if you are not very keen on what you are doing when getting the lighting, you could end up spending a lot more than you should on it.

    There is a lot that can be done to ensure that both the short term and long term costs of hotel lighting are kept to a minimum without compromising on the quality of the lighting. Some of these include:

    Getting an optimal number of lights

    When you are shopping for hotel lighting, one of the things you will need to figure out is how many lights to get. This will not only affect the price you pay for the lights at that point, but it also has an influence on how much it will cost you to run all the lights. When you get more than the necessary amount of lights, you are likely to end up spending a lot more on electricity. For this reason, this decision should not be made arbitrarily. If you are interested in buying such lights, it’s always a good idea to first ask a lighting professional to find out the minimum number of lights you need for proper illumination. Such professionals will consider issues such as optimal placement of the lights to ensure that they are as effective as possible without you having to buy a large number of them.

    Choosing eco friendly solutions

    You should also consider getting more eco friendly lights as well. A good example of these are the LED lights, which are designed in such a manner as to waste very little energy as heat. Getting one of these drastically reduces the cost of lighting up a particular building, which means that you are likely to spend much less on energy for this. The good thing is that there are many companies that have come on board the eco-friendly lighting idea. This means that today, you are likely to find it easy and cheap to buy these kinds of lights as compared to the past. It also means that issues such as replacement are not going to be a problem for you. These lights are therefore very convenient. 

    The use of energy saving solutions

    Another way to keep the cost of hotel lighting down is by using various methods to save energy. There are many technologies that have been designed to do this, so this should not be a problem for you. For instance, you could use lights that are motion-sensor activated in areas such as toilets. These kinds of lights automatically switch off when no one is in the room, which means that energy will be saved. This is a much easier way of ensuring that lights are only used when needed. Remember, having to prompt people to switch off lights when they leave a room is not always effective. 

    In summary, there is a lot that can be done to keep the cost of hotel lighting down. The good thing is that all the methods above can be used with any kind of lighting you get. For instance, if you use chandeliers and other elegant types of lighting, you will not have to modify them in order to benefit from any of the cost saving methods above.

  • Amazing Tips on Planning Your Home Lighting

    Different activities in a home happen in different rooms and thus causing the difference in the lighting requirements of the room. While lighting might be important for illumination purposes, it is also worth noting that not all rooms in a home require the same intensity or quantities of light. Various activities and tasks demand different lighting thus it would be right to say that every single room requires a proper-tailored lighting concept that’s specific to the tasks carried out in it. The following are the various tips on planning your home lighting: 

    Establishing the Amount of Light Needed

    When deciding the kind of lighting required in a home, this is perhaps one of the most important and crucial aspects that require your full attention. The amount of light required is always guided by the task, function or activity the room will be used for. After that has been decided, the lighting fixtures can be chosen to go to the different rooms in the home. 

    The intensity and brightness of the lighting we decide to install should thus be guided by the tasks we engage in or the nature of the activities.  For example, a room that has been set aside for work could most probably have a computer. With the intensity of the beam of light that meets our eyes from the computer, we probably would be more comfortable with dim lights as opposed to very bright light. In rooms where a lot of computer use is expected, it is always advisable to select lighting that is not too bright as to irritate the eyes and to give considerable attention to the selection of lighting fixtures that have as little glare as can be achieved, such as table lamp.

    It is also worth noting that not only is the design and shape of the lighting fixture you select important but also the place you decide to position it.

    General Lighting

    Another tip on planning your home lighting is general lighting. It enables the illumination of various rooms and areas in a room. Thus, lighting fixtures should either distribute light to the whole room or give out light in the direction of the room’s ceiling.

    Zonal lighting

    An additional tip on planning your home lighting is Zonal lighting. Also known as task lighting, this kind of lighting ensures that lighting is provided in the specific rooms for specific tasks. This kind of lighting can be achieved by way of accentuating the light or directing the beam of light towards the exact area you would like to light up. A good way of achieving zonal lighting is using spot lights by directing it downwards.

    Mood lighting

    Lastly, another tip on planning your home lighting is mood lighting. In achieving the desired homely atmosphere, mood lighting allows for the room transformation of any area of the home. The correct lighting can set the right tone or atmosphere so as to achieve various moods. Different colored beamed bulbs can create different atmospheres and moods. For example, a red colored bulb could have an impressive softening effect to the user of the room.

    From the above tips it is quite evident that planning is fundamental to get the best of the lighting in your home.


  • Lighting Tips for your Dream Garden

    A garden is usually associated with nature which could include cultivation of plants or just a space that is set aside to be used as a recreational part of people’s environment. Gardens, together with having plants, are not always limited to natural things and could in fact have manmade objects otherwise known as constructed elements, that could enhance their beauty.

    With a number of recreational activities that can be carried out in a garden, including a perfect playing ground for children, basking in the sunshine, or even having family dinners, the garden is definitely a space that could be made even more comfortable and aesthetically enhanced.

    Creating ambience and style in your garden will mostly involve a creative way of doing things. The use of light should not just be used for illuminating your garden but could very effectively bring out the best results in creating ambience if incorporated to blend in well with the already existing features of your garden.

    The following are lighting tips for your garden that can help you transform your garden into that dream garden you’ve always had in mind.

    Path Lights

    Path lights are usually available in different designs and styles. Depending on the desired outcome, you could either go for yard lights or driveway lights. They are designed to stand on the ground and produce broad extending light that illuminates a path in your garden or a drive way. This could give you amazing results.

    Down lights

    As the name suggests, down lights are lighting fixtures created to emit light in a down ward way. The shaft of light produced by down lights are an excellent lighting tip for your garden as they provide a focused , clear and intense lighting to the objects that are beneath them or the area in which it is placed. Another very common use of the down lights is that of security purposes and thus many people use it for the same.

    Up lights

    The utilization of up lights in a garden has the potential of increasing the interest and contrast of the object, whether natural or manmade, to a tremendous level. Up lighting is a creative lighting tip for your garden and usually works by directing the shaft of light upwards consequently emphasizing a feature present in your garden.

    Back lights

    Another lighting tip for your garden that you can embrace is back lighting. As the name suggests, back lights are placed behind the objects they are supposed to illuminate the interesting aspects of the object, in most cases, the edges. Back lights are also commonly used to create silhouettes on walls. Be it plants, statues or any other features found in your garden, the use of back lights could give it a very attractive and interesting look.

    Specialty Lights

    Gardens provide the ideal space for marking of occasions that quite frequently brings families and friends together. The use of lights to enhance this, while bringing out effects that set various moods depending on the occasion at hand, can be perfectly included in your garden. From fairy lights to party lights, specialty lights could be effectively used in a garden with amazing results.

    Finally, placing the light at the most effective location and being aware of the intensity of the beam produced by whichever lighting fixture for your garden is perhaps the most crucial part of lighting up your garden. It is important to carry out a small research as it will enable you to know the exact effect you want to achieve and how exactly to achieve it.


  • The Guide to Proper Lighting for your Home office

    Today, many people are running their businesses at the comfort of their homes—thanks to the internet advancement. Homeowners have allocated spaces in their homes to construct full-fledged home offices or converted extra rooms for the purpose. A home office is distinct from the basic living room of your home, offering a safe haven that is private, calm and cool, which is an essential factor, particularly when you have small kids jumping up and down the house.

    Lighting for your home office plays a great role in creating right mood and tranquility. It can enhance your home office by creating functional, flexible and gorgeous spaces. 

    Providing the proper lighting for your domestic office is of paramount importance. Sufficient and proper lighting for your home office is essential especially if you are spending extended hours working in an office setting.  Before choosing your central lighting method, you need to consider certain factors. This includes the location of your desk, design of the room, work space and the working time so that you can identify the convenient place for placement of your lighting fixture.

    If you want light for the main work space, you may use floor electrical pipes to prevent clutter of codes and cable that may be inconvenient for your working efficiency. It is also advised to position the lighting scheme in such a way that it is shadow-free. Use lighting lamps that you can hang in a strategic angle and position to give direct light precisely where you need it.

    There are two basic types of lighting that is used in home offices—central lighting and task lighting.

    Central lighting also known as ambient lighting is used to illuminate the entire space or room. Ambient light come from both artificial and natural sources. Artificial sources may include electric bulbs while natural sources may happen to be the day light penetrating through the window.

    Task lighting for your home office is usually flexible and can be directed straight to where it is needed. A spotlight is a perfect example of task lighting. A desk lamp is another nice illustration of a task lighting as it is portable hence flexible. Task lighting is resourceful when you are working on your computer and need to read from other light sources apart from your computer screen. It is important, however, to have a desk lamp that can be adjusted—you definitely don’t want to have the light all the time, the light itself can be disturbing and affect the eyes.

    Another great alternative to desk lamps is pendant-lights. When suspended from the ceiling, they can direct light exactly to where you want it. And you can easily adjust the intensity of the light because excessive light can really destroy your eyesight. Another benefit of using pendant-lights as the main lighting for your home office is the fact that they can easily be matched to your office décor. It doesn’t make sense to go for conventional lamps that doesn’t much with your working desk. In fact, it can be a real turn-off to visitors coming in your office. Rather, you can choose from tons of pendant-lights available in the market. They range from the very simple designs to complex. 

    Indirect lighting for your home office is simply an addition to tasks lights. This type of light is not necessarily for providing light, but can act for decoration purposes as well. In fact, it is intended for decorative purposes. Depending with the design and the size of your home office, you may choose the right lamp for this task. Nevertheless, you should note that you cannot rely on this lighting fixture as the main source of light. 

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